Another burger

Long time readers of this blog may think they´re having a case of déjà vu.
True, this post is almost identical to  this one.
Well, bear with me. I don´t do these drawings because I have any lofty artistic aim. I do it to keep myself from going crazy while they take their time bringing the food. At Alfredo´s they don´t hold with the fast food thing, and they play 80´s music videos, non stop. Clearly, I need some occupational therapy while I wait. I´m bitchy when I´m hungry, and this is the result.
My BLT was as good as ever. Edu had the Bacon y queso. José went exotic with the Kofta burguer.
Very nice.
After, we walked to el Corte Inglés, where I bought Lindt 70% cocoa cooking chocolate. I need it for a brownie I´ll be making for  Le Blog´s terrace shindig tomorrow. Aren´t I a good friend, baking in this heat?

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Raquel dijo...

I´ve never been there and I´m craving a burger!

Brownie! yuuuuuum!!!

Anónimo dijo...

One night in a restaurant, we waited 45 minutes for our dinner to arrive. My son drew us a picture of four skeletons sitting around a table.
Brownie, did some one say brownie? I'm there.

christianne dijo...

I love the Heinz ketchup! I refuse to use any other type -- its just not the same.

You are a fantastic friend to even enter the kitchen in this heat! My boyfriend requested lasagna for dinner this weekend, and I'm questioning whether or not I love him enough to do it.

LE BLOG dijo...

Reeeeeeally a good friend! I haven't even had lunch today because of the brownie we're having tomorrow!!

Anónimo dijo...

I've been baking, too, but fiendishly running the air conditioner against the stove. I know I'm going straight to hell, but it's worth it for peach pie. And for brownies. I like that particular chocolate for baking too.

Jen dijo...

any friend that bakes brownies is a great friend!
I just made some myself the other day, although it went so quickly I din't get a chance to take pics. Too bad im not any good at drawing.