Blog abandonment explained

Dear readers, this is the post where I Explain All. The abandonement of the blog, the not answering the comments and other faults in etiquette. It´s not because it´s too hot, or because I´ve left and gone to eat my weight in wild rasperries on a Baltic beach.
The reason, and you´ll have to agree that as reasons go, there´s none better, is that exactly two weeks ago I had a little baby girl. And it´s not that I don´t have time for anything else, exactly, because I´m staying at my parents´, and there´s always someone more than willing to hold the baby. In fact, there´s usually a group of bessotted adults standing round the crib.
But it´s proving kind of hard to not drool a lot, myself, so it seems to be all I do. And as for food, well, mostly I´m concentrating on producing milk, right now.
So it´s safe to assume that I´ll neglect the blogs a little, but I hope to bounce back at some point, and not stare at Pía´s toes for more than three hours on end.


Too hot to cook

Is anyone, anywhere, going into the kitchen for anything more than sprinkling lemon juice over chunks of watermelon? If so, you have my deepest envy.