Breakfast therapy

Somebody seems to be killing a drainpipe in the flat below with a blunt instrument. The whole building is shaking.
To prevent myself from going down with a baseball bat and behaving like the neighbour you don´t want, I´ll be in the kitchen for a while.
Since I don´t even have a baseball bat, it makes more sense.
It´ll be toast with butter, honey and black sesame.
I´m in love with the stuff.
Sesame, tasting of sesame , but looking so pretty and dark, what´s not to like?

3 comentarios:

Raquel dijo...

Black sesame! Never heard! I usually get sesame&honey bars from the health food store. Yum!

an9ie dijo...

Ximena, this is also one of my favourite comfort foods, but I have never tried it with black sesame. Do you just sprinkle it on top?

Anónimo dijo...

Sesame seeds? A sesame paste? Just what is this black sesame?