Ten Minute Noodles

Let me just say, I´m all tired out from this neverending morning. Full blast work from 830, no coffee break, and doing 5 differnt things. That takes its toll. Plus, I´m starving, and inspired by these noodles in Chubby Hubby.

So I´m looking forward to cooking lunch. I think I quallify for one of those texts about coming home exhausted and not wanting to make a great production of dinner. True. So I have some shiitakes soaking, and I´ll boil some egg noodles, and sautee those mushrooms and a stack of thai stirfry veg, frozen and all chopped up. and then add some of the shiitake liquid, and hoisin sauce, and corn starch, and a splash of soy sauce. and add the noodles, toss them around. and that´s it. Slurp ahead.

I don´t know if those veg will be ok, but I see no reason why not. it´s the kind of convenience food I love, stuff that´s raw, and so is not potentially gross. And yet takes away the true complication of the stirfry, which is the chopping up.

No thtat chopping up is bad, per se. I can find it in me to enjoy the time spent cleaning and slicing and dicing. But not on a day like today. I want near instant gratification. in fact, I´m almost on the point of going out for lunch, but I don´t think that´s a good idea. it´s best to eat home, light and good. and then, when really you can take it no more, around 5, to go, have yourself some coffee and a treat, and then come back, rejuvenated and ready for more.


I am so excited about tomatoes.
the good ones are already arriving. all these winter months without fresh tomatoes seem very long. and it´s hard when the displays look so tempting. but I know that those pretty faces only hid a mealy, dry, tastless soul. and so I refrained, and relied on my stock of frozen roasted tomatoes, made by yours truly in the bountiful month of october.
last week I decided to use my last bag, a treasure made with tomatoes grown on a real kitchen garden, and picked by self.
they ended up in a biscuit dough tomato pie, and were delicious.
and now that the freezer is empty, I regard spring as officially here. off to buy tomatoes.



movie fans will recognize this as a quote from annie hall.
there are no lobsters here, I´m afraid, but isn´t this a nice drawing of peas?
I know peas are a spring/summer food, but for me they´re not. and this post is a goodbye. I am a big fan of the frozen pea, and I love to serve it along stews or pies, well minted and buttered.
and as it´s so hot, and stews and soups seem to be receeding from sight, here´s to peas.