Smoked mackerel paté

Smoked mackerel is my favourite thing about Scotland. Scots often ask me, on learning that I'm Spanish, why I'm here. As in, "You live in Aberdeen, omigod WHY". To which I reply "why indeed". My other favourite thing about Scotland is that they speak English here, which lets me channel Maggie Smith with a dry "indeed"every now and then.

Still, the mackerel trumps everything because smoked mackerel is truly amazing. It feels luxurious and decadent, even though it's cheap, and sustainable, and healthy, and you don't even have to cook it. The win-win fish product, all the way up there with good Galician tinned sardines.

I usually have it on toast, with avocado and lemon juice, for an omega 3 double whammy.
Or with a beet salad, rye bread and butter with crushed caraway seeds.

If I'm feeling elegant, I make a paté, with cream, lemon zest, pepper and hot sauce. Blitzed for a few seconds in a processor, sprinkled with chives or parsley, it's a great starter or appetizer.

If you don't have smoked mackerel, well, sucks to you, but don't despair. You can make this with the aforementioned sardines, and it is also wonderful, although the colour is less pretty.

It also works with yogurt instead of cream, for you nervous waistline watchers.
We in Scotland need all the calories we can get hold of, which is another thing I kind of like.