Wedding food

I know it´s cheating to post a picture and a tiny text and pretend it´s a proper entry. At least, I saw that on mattbites the other day, so now I know I´m being guilty of bad net manners.
But this doesn´t merit much more than a brief comment.
Yesterday evening I went to a wedding reception. It was a very grand wedding, they´d pulled out all the stops. The venue was a XVI century royal palace, the garden was amazing, the band, the piano recital at the beginning, everything was tip-top.
As was the food, which was highly delicious. But in that Spanish-caterer way.
First you´d be offered a mini pastela, redolent of cinammon . Then would come a shot of gazpacho. Then a tiny square of something that looked like cheese but turned out to be foie d´oie dipped in white chocolate. Then would come chorizo.

See? Hot and cold. Übertrendy one minute, comfort food the next. I was blown this way and that, as I sipped my daiquiris and said hi to my relations.Dazed and confused, you could say.

And the balsamic glaze. What´s with the balsamic glaze?
Is everything drizzled with balsamic glaze all over the world, or is it just us, going trough a phase, and it will stop?

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Anónimo dijo...

I bought some balsamic glaze in Montreal last summer and it was the first I had ever heard of it. Now I am seeing it here in Pittsburgh. My husband said I would never use it, but I did use it on my tomato and mozzarella salads all summer; I really liked it on them. All that is a long way of answering your question; balsamic glaze is still pretty new over here and not widely used.

Raquel dijo...

Me encantó la novia en volandas!

Respecto al balsámico me da que es pasajero. Lo mismo que ocurrió con "el" Pedro Ximenez. Tras la primera emoción, uso y abuso...cada cual vuelve a su repisa.

Anónimo dijo...

My world has been balsamic glaze free. Maybe I'm missing something.

lobstersquad dijo...

Julie: you ain´t been missing a thing, beleive me. Of all the overrated products, balsamic glaze takes the biscuit. Good old unreduced balsamic is just as good.
I agree with Guru, it´ll be like the PX craze that swept through this country. Soon gone

Anónimo dijo...

Hmm. The vinegar reduces when you cook it anyway. I think maybe I'm missing the point.

lobstersquad dijo...

lindy: my point exactly. It´s the most stupid fad ever. Boil vinegar down and call it a sauce!