Summer survival skills: stock syrup

It´s hot. Not just hot, but baking. Madrid heat is dry, which I prefer. But still, when the thermometer is close to the forties, who cares? All I want to do is crawl under a whirring fan and feel sorry for myself.
I don´t have air con , you see. I don´t like it. I find it unnatural and , well, cold. It´s essential in public spaces , restaurants, museums, tube stations, shops. But for the home I prefer the oldfashioned method. Once the first morning cool breezes are over, close every window and shutter. Turn on the fan, but no lights, as they bring up the temperature too. Tv allowed.

And have plenty of lemons around.
I find slicing a lemon is instant refreshing aromatherapy.
And lemon drinks are refreshing, there´s no denying that. Home made lemonade comes tops, but a slice of lemon peel and a squirt of juice will do wonders for commercial iced tea.

One thing I find very useful to have around is a bottle of syrup in the fridge.
Having the sugar already dissolved makes it very easy to make just a single glass of lemonade, by squeezing a lemon, or a lime, and mixing it with the iced syrup, the ice, iced water, and mint leaves.

None of that very sour lemony water taste and the undissolved sugar floating around at the bottom. Instant satisfaction, a much needed hit of vitamins, and icy cool liquid down your throat.

And need I say, it´s perfect for mojitos?

You make it by bringing 600 ml of water to boil, and dissolving 450 grams of sugar in it. Leave it to cool, and keep it in the fridge.
Remember, it´s very sweet indeed, one splash is as much as a big spoonful of sugar.

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Shelly dijo...

I just wanted to tell you I adore your illustrations....they remind me of the Kate Spade books (you didn’t by chance do those?) Do you ever participate in Illustration Friday? Again...Love your blog!

Anónimo dijo...

I've made lemonade with syrup for a few summers now, and I'm convinced it's the way to go. No stirring and stirring. I usually peel lemon zest off in strips and infuse the syrup with that for extra lemony goodness. Ginger or lavender also make great additions.

Raquel dijo...

I didn´t know this syrup. What a great idea!! ... porque eso del azúcar en el fondo, grrrrrrr! (haré la mitad de la receta)

Anónimo dijo...

I have taken to spritzing myself with rosewater and letting the fan cool my skin in hotter places with no AC. It's not really hot enough here for that, or shutters and shade, but it's just about warm enough to appreciate a minty, lemony drink like this!

Anónimo dijo...

Mmm. I've been working on a post about cooling drinks made with sugar syrups myself. So good in the heat of summer.
I think lemons might be a whole food group in and of themselves.

lobstersquad dijo...

Indyfoodie: I don´t do illustration friday. It´s been on my to-do list since I heard about it, but you know how it is with to-do lists. Thanks for visiting!

Martha: I don´t flavour the syrup, so it´s more versatile. But it sounds like a great idea, I´ll definitely make a lemony batch.

Tejal: so jealous. the flies are dying of the heat here.

Guru: yep, it´s a good one. I HAte the gritty undissolved sugar.

Lindy:I agree. Lemons are THE fruit. If I´m playing dessert game ingredient games, I always say lemons , onions , salt and olive oil are off the lists. I literally couldn´t live without them.