Life is a peach

Yesterday I felt as squashed as these peaches. Downtrodden. Head bloody AND bowed.

The french team did to ours things that I blush to repeat. It was terrible.

I came back dejected, so dejected that I wasn´t even hungry. This is a bad sign. I never, ever, lose my appetite.
I walked into the kitchen, by force of habit. And remembered these peaches I´d bought.
I don´t know what they´re called in English. Here they´re "paraguayas", though my mother always says in Paraguay they call them "japonesas". Whatever.

When they´re really ripe, you can peel them with your hands. They´re best eaten standing at the kitchen counter. If they´re good, and beleive me, these were, the juice will dribble down your chin, and also down your arm. It´s messy, but so good.

I went to bed feeling a little better. Still squashy, but uplifted by the thought that our football players aren´t much good, but when it comes to fruit, we can show the French what´s what.

And then this morning I saw that Food&Wine has selected one of these posts in its Blog Watch as one of the top five.
Sensation, in brackets.
Now I feel like a full-blown velvety golden Calanda peach.
Ever so happy.

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Rachel dijo...

i think they are what we call "doughnut peaches" in the US.

Anónimo dijo...

wow, that's so awesome about food&wine!
wooo wooo!
and i'm really sorry about the footie result, i was rootin' for them
i have almost no teams left to root for... all the one's i was supporting are now out... wait a minute, that gives me an idea, i think i'll start rooting for Brazil ;-)

Raquel dijo...

Qué puntazo! (lo de Food&Wine) :-)

lobstersquad dijo...

rachel: if they´re called doughnut peaches, I´m liking them even more.

Ann: thanks. I´m with Portugal now. My masochism never ends.

Guru: oe oe, aunque sea por F&W!

Rachel dijo...

I found this link:

lobstersquad dijo...

rachel, thank you. I was curious to know. It´s not true about the juice, by the way, but they do have to be very ripe, otherwise they can be a little unyielding.

Anónimo dijo...

Wow, Ximena! Congratulations on the mention in Food and Wine. You go, girl!

kishko dijo...

i was rooting for spain! so sorry.....but the food and wine mention kind of makes up for it, no?!

Anónimo dijo...

Well as deflated as you felt, of course, I felt inflated ;-) Although I truly thought we were going to lose!!

As to your Food and Wine mention! Beautiful and well deserved!

Anónimo dijo...

Congrats on the F&W mention - well deserved!

Jen dijo...

Oh I'm so sorry about the loss, it' so disappointing. But I hope your lovely peaches and the wonderful mention on Food and Wine make up for it, even if it's just a little bit.
France is up against Brazil next, I wonder who will win?

shuna fish lydon dijo...

In the summer, although bad days happen, atone fruit can always bring me back to summery smiles. How can one be sad near a ripe peach or perfect plum?

Congrats on the mention! In he Bay Area we are all in love with lobsterquad!

lobstersquad dijo...

Gilly, Jenjen, Shuna, Kishko, Julie: Thank you so much. even if it sounds cheesy, I have to say it.You guys are so great, it´s by far the best about blogging.
Bea: ...I´m torn between being really sporting and saying I´m glad for Zidane who´s so great, and being really childish and saying I hope France gets beaten to a pulp on Saturday :)

Molly dijo...

Wow, Ximena! Congratulations on the F&W mention - very, very well deserved! Three cheers for Lobstersquad!

lobstersquad dijo...

thanks , molly, hip hip!

Anónimo dijo...

Congrats-great about the mention-and well deserved. BTW, made your onion jam and it was great. Dolloped some on an onion pizza, where it was appreciated by all. I am looking forward to numerous other uses.