Early morning worries


Here´s where my marriage totters. This may sound overdramatic, but it really makes me wonder who I married.
José is a great guy, don´t get me wrong.
I love him, an´all. He´s too fabulous for words, and useful when heavy shopping has to be brough home, stubborn jars opened, and high closet doors opened. He chats to my mother on the phone, he´s polite to my aunts, my dogs love him, he does the washing up. Perfect, you´d say.


He doesn´t have breakfast.

He just won´t have breakfast. Isn´t that weird? Am I not right to worry? What kind of person leaves the house on an empty stomach? Many, I know, but then they have breakfast, later. They do here in Spain, anyway. It´s a popular sport on weekday mornings, and makes employers ever so happy, when their employees spend a gainful three quarters of an hour stuffing themselfs with churros and cafe con leche.

But not José. No.

And worse.
On weekends, when he has all the time in the world, and the smell of toast wafts through the whole house? Nothing. He might chat to me a little, as I go through the steps for a proper pa am tomaquet. And not take one single crumb from my plate.

This is clear psycho behaviour. Am I nursing a viper in my bossom?Can I make him change his ways?

Oh well. Here´s a kitchen sketch of an egg breakfast. Very rare occurence, and duly recorded for posterity, on a lazy Sunday morning.

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Anónimo dijo...

Tia, que crack. Te leen hasta en los Statesy Panamá!!!!!!!. Yo quiero ser como tu de mayor, y no estar enfrente del excel como dentro de unos segundos. Me quiero morir!!!!!!!

lobstersquad dijo...

No creas, que aquí ando delante de photoshop medio bizca ya de tanto curro.

Anónimo dijo...

nah, not weird at all
i don't like/eat breakfast either
its both a timing thing and a food thing
i'm not huge on eggs, or cereal, or pastries
i do love bacon, and i do like eating breakfast the middle/eastern european way (bread, butter, ham, cheese, pate), but that's nearly impossible to come across in NYC
don't worry, he's perfectly (or at least kinda) normal!

lobstersquad dijo...

Hi Ann
Thanks for the reassurace, but I´m not that convinced. We don´t have egg and bacon breakfasts here, just toast and coffee, or juice, at most. And that would not account for the weekends thing. Still worried!:)

nosheteria dijo...

I guess it could be worse, he couldn't eat dinner too, and then you would be out a dining partener!

Anónimo dijo...

It's the opposite with me, I was the non-breakfast eating wierdo until I lived with my boyfriend. All I used to have was coffee, but he has converted me to a breakfast worshipper!

lobstersquad dijo...

Well, I´m convinced, I won´t worry anymore. Just make dellicious breakfasts and hope to convert him.
Thanks for stopping by y´all.

christianne dijo...

If my loved one didn't eat breakfast, I'd go nuts! I'd also probably develop some sort of complex. Being an American, I am fond of eggs for breakfast but the man I'm currently dating is allergic. I'm thinking about breaking up with him over this. :)

Susan in Italy dijo...

Pa amb tomaquet as a part of breakfast (or lunch or dinner) brings me back to my time in Barna. I feel your pain. My hubbie drinks one espresso for breakfast. Never the American pancakes with maple syrup. I haven't had that in years. It's a testament to his wonderfulness that we're still together despite that!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Lobstersquad, I got here via Brett's site and fell in love with your illustrations - they are absolutely lovely! Look forward to reading more of your beautiful posts, thank you for sharing.

LE BLOG dijo...

my husband doesn't have breakfast either, he prefers to do it at coffee shops, and he always ask for coffee and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich! And if they don't have it, he won't have anything else....weird ha?!

Ange dijo...

Oh my, taht is terrible, one of the best ways to spend a weekend morning is going for a nice stroll down the street & stopping for hours over a steaming hot cooked breakfast & hot coffee, I think I would die if my hubby didnt have the same love of this as me

Anónimo dijo...

i'm reading your old posts and haha!
i know the feeling. my guy just needs coffee and he's good to go. sometimes there is the quickie doughnut but that is as breakfasty as it gets.
i've been patient though, and sundays' brunch opportunities help, especially when i make hollandaise and he's reduced to either eating it with his poached egg or else insulting me by not touching it. the belly is slowly expanding though but i usually only luck out on the weekends.