Ten minute food: Sesame noodles

I have the feeling that I´m not being very patriotic and loyal to the culinary traditions of this great country in my posts,
but, what can you do? I read an awful lot of food blogs,and you can´t blame me for wanting noodles, like everyone else.

I tend to cook less in summer. It´s too hot to have the oven on, too hot to shop-peel-chop-sautee. But it´s also too hot to go out and eat, at least at midday. So I have a few summer specials that are satisfying without weighing one down, cook very fast, and are eaten cold.

One such are sesame soba noodles, and you can read about them in Nigella´s own inspiring prose.
I like them with baked salmon and soy-doused spinach.

And that means staying within the ten minute range. Don´t you hate it when cookbooks give a recipe for a five minute grilled fish and then say, very straight-faced, "serve with a lovely home-made creamy mash"?

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Rachel dijo...

I hate recipes that say that too. Or they say it's a quick recipe but they are assuming you have a whole, roasted chicken on hand.

Anónimo dijo...

No one can be blamed for wanting noodles, and I'm anxious to hear about any and all summer meals that don't involve an oven or a long time at the stove. These sound good as does the soy-doused (love that phrase for some reason!) spinach.

Jorge Guitián dijo...

Acabo de descubrir tu sitio y seguro que volveré. Saludos.

Jen dijo...

oooh I LOVE soba noodles...

I just made a broccoli soup that said 10-minute meal... it took me double that time. I was decevied.

Anónimo dijo...

so, how crazy did you go purchasing condiments on your trip to chinatown?

lobstersquad dijo...

hey ann:
Items : wonton wrappers(though I haven´t tried that yet). Soba noodles, black sesame seeds, garlic&black bean paste. unidentified soft drink with cool label.beansprouts.
I really behaved myself this time!