2nd Ave. Deli

I´m scanning stuff from old sketchbooks to put on my new website. And I found this drawing I did while waiting for lunch at the 2nd Avenue Deli, in New York City.
That was in 2000. It´s closed now, which makes me sad, even though I´ve only ever been once, and don´t know NYC at all well. But it was a great place. So here goes.
At least the bottles of Heinz ketchup still look as good as ever.

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Anónimo dijo...

I was so sad to hear of the closing of 2nd Ave Deli. It was my favorite NY deli and I visited many times over the years. I posted about it twice on my blog, once after my last visit in October and once when it closed in January. Your picture brings back happy memories, especially of those pickles.

Raquel dijo...

Qué bonita te quedó la web! En su momento fisgué a conciencia por tus blogs pero hoy descubrí nuevas ilustraciones. No se me ha ido ni una pizca de envidia!

Anónimo dijo...

That's a great drawing. The Heinz ketchup bottle is so iconic, and I love the whole tablescape.

lobstersquad dijo...

Brett: It´s such a shame it closed. It really seemed to be steeped in history. And the pickles were amazing.

Julie: can´t take any credit for the tablescape, that´s all the good taste of the waiters at the restaurant. All I did was draw what I had in front of me.:)

Guru: gracias!

Marianne dijo...

I am so charmed by your blog! I've just stumbled upon it. I used to live down the street from this deli and it makes me so wistful to think about it not being there should I go back and visit.

Anyway, keep up the good work with the charming drawings, stories, and recipes. As if I didn't already long to visit Spain...