A dash of Angostura

I don´t know if you folks saw the uplifting spectacle of the epic match Trinidad and Tobago versus Sweden last Saturday.
It was beautiful, but it was also nerve racking.
Therefore, for the match today against England, I think the stakes have to be raised. Tinto de verano is all very well, but for moments of higher emotional stress, Gin&Tonic has to come into play.
And for this occasion, of course, it has to have Angostura bitters, the single most famous product of Trinidad.
Angostura was first marketed as a tonic. Like tonic water, I guess. This may explain why G&Ts are such a wonderful elixir.

If I make my own, the glass has to be big, but not enormous. At home, Ikea´s Bistro line does just fine. The ice, big cubes from the shop, not home-made, which melt faster. First, a strip of lemon peel. Then, lemon juice squirted onto the ice, so it crackles and pops and absorbs some of the juice. Then, the gin. Whatever good one´s around.
The tonic has to be Schweppes, non-negotiable. I love the taste, I love the look, and I love that Coca-Cola just can´t beat them, no matter how hard they try.
The couple of drops of angostura I usually add after the gin and before the tonic. And if I remember, I rub the crushed lemon over the rim of the glass.

Before that, to soak up the liquor and to show that we´re not mindless hooligans but simply interested in food and drink from different cultures, I´ll try out a Trinidad curry from Madhur Jaffrey´s Ultimate curry bible.
If it turns out well, I´ll share the recipe, in time for the third match.
And by the way, Spain were so totally awsome yesterday that I now eat my words, one after the other. I tremble like a leaf in the anticipation of Monday.

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Anónimo dijo...

I am a great summertime fancier of the gin and tonic. But I did not know, never heard, of the bitters in G and T idea. Must try it. But I use limes, rather than lemons, and do think limes are so fine. Mmm.

Anónimo dijo...

I second your insistance for big cubes of store-bought ice in a G&T (one of my most beloved drinks). Like all simple dishes, it benefits when every ingredient is pristine.

My favorite variation is to add a generous splash of Campari and a squeeze each of lime and orange. It turns a rosy color, as though it might be sweet, but tastes pleasantly bitter and bracing.

S. dijo...

Hi Ximena,
Just want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog! Because I really enjoy food and illustration, and this is the perfect combination. Excellent work :)

Anónimo dijo...

for awhile i thought T&T were going to pull through
i was considering asking you to root for the US team on saturday, but alas, england proved to be the better side
your faith was valiant (and your drink sounds delicious!)

lobstersquad dijo...

Lindy and Martha: I have yet to find a variation of G&T I don´t like. Both yours sound delicious and will definitely try. I also like mint in mine, sometimes

Stefanie: thanks!

Ann: I am emotionally drained. T&T were so close! I still have hopes, though.
And of course I´ll be rooting for the US on saturday. And not only because Italy are Spain´s biggest footballing enemy.

Jen dijo...

I think you're on to something good with all these great drinks during the footy games.
I think I will have to make this for the nail biter game between Australia and Brazil on Monday.

Go the Socceroos!!

Anónimo dijo...

Madhur Jaffrey is one of the only cookbook authors who has never let me down, would love to hear about how the curry turns out!

Anónimo dijo...

I did watch part of the game and I thought of you.

Curry with gin and tonics sounds
like a good way to celebrate the World Cup.

The little soccer player on the rim of the glass is a wonderful detail. Another great illustration.

lobstersquad dijo...

Jenjen: best idea ever. Go the Socceroos! who will be wearing the yellow shirt?

Tejal: the curry was delicious. Will let you know asap

Julie: thanks for the support, and I like the little player a lot too.

Anónimo dijo...

My grandfather used to get Schweppes Quinine Water. It was like tonic on steroids. Even as a toddler, I found it delicious with lime. I haven't seen it in stores for years. For some reason I just cannot bear to taste or smell gin. But I look forward to a vodka and tonic your way when the weather finally gets hot.

kishko dijo...

i did not see that game but i did have a G&T!
fabulous illustration - i love the dude with the soccer ball!!

Greg dijo...

Sounds like a very special G&T.I agree about the Schweppes.Unfortunatly all the bars I worked at had the Coke stuff on the gun.I kept a few bottles of Schweppes (boosted from catering) under the counter for special customers.Love your drawings!