Scrambled egg epiphany

Yesterday I was alone for lunch. Usually I go over to my mother´s, very much in the Spanish way. Can´t stay away from la Mamma, y´know.
But anyway, I was very busy,having to meet millions of deadlines, and I couldn´t even find the time to go to the market and buy a slice of tuna.
So I decided to have scrambled eggs. Nothing exciting there. But I added, on an impulse, some home-made onion jam from an almost finished jar, and a pinch of cumin.
I´d only ever used the jam on sandwices and goat´s cheese tarts. Or with chicken liver paté.I assumed it was too sweet to be put alongside normal food.
But these eggs were oh-amazing. Sweet and delicate and for once I managed to keep them runny. I also had some roast tomatoes, and nuked a couple of wheat tortillas. It was a sissified version of huevos rancheros, and made me ever so happy.
Masses of self-pats on the back for this one. Only drawback is I´m out of onion jam, and that will not do. I´ll be making another batch inmediately.

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Anónimo dijo...

Mmmm--that does sound inspired! But I wish you would post your recipe for the onion jam. I have a jar of Meyer lemon and caramelized onion jam I bought at great expense. I thought I would never use it but it's proven to be so delicious on sandwiches and as a condiment with roast and grilled meats that it's almost gone. I'd love to replace it with some homemade onion jam.

Anónimo dijo...

Your new banner is wonderful! I find your illustrations so charming.

Your eggs sound delicious and I second the request for the onion jam recipe.

shuna fish lydon dijo...

Last year I began putting a pinch of toasted cumin in my porridge for breakfast. Although I enjoy my oatmeal sweet the cumin proves to be an intriguing taste amongst the brown sugar and butter.

and breakfast for supper is always fun!

Anónimo dijo...

Homemade onion jam...mmm...sounds like a recipe would be a good thing to have.