Toast and oil for breakfast

I´m about to have breakfast.
A leisurely and healthy breakfast is by far the best start to the day. It makes life easier, and happier, and I see it as a major perk of my job that I can do it.
Since I work at home, I have the privilege of spending my first couple of hours in my pijamas , drinking tea, answering emails, drawing and colouring, and reading the papers on the web.
By 10 o´clock the hunger hits, and then I take a break, and eat my breakfast, proper, while I read whatever book I´m on at the moment ("Esta noche volveré tarde", if you´re interested. A very funny novel from the 50´s, that could show these chick lit girls what´s what).
Today I´m going to have white bread toast with the best olive oil. My husband´s family are olive growers, so of course we´re meant to push the envelope, but I swear , this stuff, Oleoestepa, really is the best. Look out for it.

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Anónimo dijo...

Ohh, yo también consumo aceite de Oleoestepa, y la verdad, es un lujazo. Es una garantía consumir este tipo de productos tan naturales. Me alegra que hay gente que piensa igual que yo.

Un saludo.