more grown-up food

yes´m. it doesn´t sound likely as a choice of adult food, but that´s what it is , for me. more than capers, sushi or bitter greens.
because when I was little, all I wanted was to take big chunky bites out of apples. and it was never possible, because my mouth was too small.
and now that I can, I still feel a little frisson of grown-upness with every single apple that I snatch and cruch at.

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Anónimo dijo...

I like your blogs and your art. It's what I'd like to do if I were clever. For me apple slices are grown up food. Whenever he had an apple, my grandfather would take out his pocket knife and slice up, core, and peel the apple. I was forbidden to use the knife and I was very envious. Then I spent eight years at a school where every morning recess we were given milk, graham crackers, saltines and whole red delicious (the worst variety) apples. Kids' stuff. Nope, for me, cutting an apple at the table is very sophisticated and adult!