Yesterday we had dinner at Buen Gusto.
It´s my favourite Chinese restaurant, a big, brightly lit, garish place, very noisy and bustling. The food is out of this world. Well, out of this Madrid world, which ain´t all that cosmopolitan, really.
We pigged out massively. It was terrible.
I now feel sorry, and slightly sick, and must atone for my sins.
A bowl of broth is all I will have. Good ole chicken consommé, made by simmering chicken bones and stock vegetables and a serrano ham bone for three hours.
I can´t actually contemplate the idea of cooking. Good for me that I made a big batch two weeks ago, and it´s patiently waiting in the freezer, neatly portioned and labelled.
I don´t put garlic in stock, by the way. The illustration is for sopa de ajo, of which more some other time.

Restaurante chino "Buen Gusto". Pº Sta. María de la Cabeza 60.

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