I had lunch today at alfredo´s. Arguably, the best burguer in Madrid. There are other candidates, but this one is my favourite.It is the right distance from home, either a 3€ taxi ride, or 20 minutes nice weather walking.

The burguer is perfect, charred black outside, perfectly a point, pink in the middle. A generous dollop of mayo, a slice of tomato, some lettuce, a good bun. a delicious cluster of fries, hot, crunchy, golden brown.
And a bottle of ketchup and mustard. No stupid little single-serving bags that you have to open with your teeth,smear all over your fingers. They pile up on the table, the tell-tale debris of your greedy ways with condiments.

This sketch was dashed off while we waited for our blts. Quick service, I didn´t have time for more.

Alfredo´s Barbacoa. C/ Lagasca 5. 91 576 62 71

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