Sunday night sushi

Yesterday we came back from a picnic (of which more later) hot , tired and stuffed. After cooling showers, and once under the fan, we started to recover. "Cast Away" was on, and we settled in for a lazy afternoon.
Spanish tv adds at least an hour´s running time to all films, with ads. I don´t have cable. Terrible, I know. But think of my rich inner life, and the deep meaningful conversations we have during ad breaks. Um, yes. Anyway
It was a long time watching Tom Hanks sucking coconuts and raw crabs. And our lunch had been a very early one. And by the end, when he comes back, and sees a tray of sushi on a buffet table, both our brains simultaneously clicked and we said "sushi!".
It being a sunday night, and really not suited for anything very tiring, we went not to our favourite, but to the nearest sushi restaurant.
I sketched this while we were waiting for our order, on the bit of paper that holds the chopsticks.And coloured it back at home, in case anyone´s wondering.
We had California rolls. José is very much in love with California Rolls. He´d never had them until a month ago, because I always write them off as sissies´sushi. But now I guess he´s seen me for the food snob I am, and doesn´t listen to me any more. Wise man. I love California rolls, really.

Nagoya.C/Trafalgar 7.28010 Madrid.91 448 69 07

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Anónimo dijo...

I love California rolls too. In Baltimore they are sometimes made with fresh blue crab. That's my favorite.

Charming picture (as they all are) -- you put your restaurant waiting time to much better use than the average person.

lobstersquad dijo...

Blue crab! That sounds like deep California roll luxury. I´m sorry to say that here if they´re good it´s prawn, but many we´re fobbed off with surimi. Shame.