I was thinking of doing a banana post, inspired by
this one at mattbites.
And so I went to my drawing board. And there I managed to upset the inkpot. Rivers of blackest ink flooded my table, ran down my arm, splashed my shirt. I can only describe that as treading on one of life´s banana skins, like the great inmortal P.G. Wodehouse used to say.

Here´s a smoothie to make anyone rebound from that, or any other disasters. bananas pack a lot of energy.

1 ripe banana
4 or 5 strawberries
splash of yogurt
juice of one orange
juice of half a lemon
spoonful of sugar

blitz. enjoy.

I don´t like my drinks too sweet, so you´ll probably want more sugar than that.

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babyhana dijo...

nice illustrations, with what did u do that? freehand or corel or not both?

btw i'm using my baby's blog, mine is here...