Easy sandwich

I´m not enjoying this week too much. Enjoyable things are happening, but I´m just too manic and stressed to enjoy them. I have no less than eleven sepparate projects on my list for this week and the next.

I´m also eating out all the time. It´s lovely, sociable, expensive, and fun, but dammit, I just want to curl up in the sofa and have somebody bring me a bowl of soup. And then pass out, while an efficient clone finishes off all my work.

Yes, well. In the meantime, I´ll just be glad that I still have consommé in the freezer, and that yesterday I managed to get to the market just before they closed at 8, to stock up on some vegetables.

Not that I can face the chopping up that soup would entail. No. I´ll stick to a cup of the broth, and a sandwich that is as simple as it is invigorating. It´s from Deborah Madison´s The Savoury Way, of which I have a very strange copy I picked up a few years ago at a discount bookshop on c/Goya. It has no page numbers, or index, and the cover is thin green paper, no pictures. It´s falling apart, and it´s annoying to have to rifle through the whole book when looking for something, but I love it anyway. She sounds like a really nice lady, does Deborah (read an interview with her on Culinate).

The sandwich is just brown bread, with butter, chopped parsley and chopped celery leaves. Salt and pepper in considerable quantities, and that´s it. Just make sure the brown bread is good, with plenty of different cereals and maybe a hidden cache of nuts somewhere. It feels good to munch on all that greenery, and yet the butter keeps it just this side of healthy, which makes it coomforting, which makes it just the thing.

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xps dijo...

Que bueno. specially the brown bread with some nuts.

Anónimo dijo...

I'm really happy that you enjoyed the Deborah Madison interview, Ximena. If your readers just go to that page, though, they won't see the beautiful bubbling pot you contributed this week to our Potluck writing contest: http://www.culinate.com/mix/potluck_writing_contest/limerick1.
(Sorry, by the way, to have added to your workload these last few days, but I do love our pink pot! Thanks again for it.)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Sounds like the book copy you have is a pre-press proof; publishers often print a number to send out to various proofreaders before final publication, to do a final check for errors. I find these at bookstores occasionally, too.

Some days, soup and a sandwich is all you want...and all you need.

Anónimo dijo...

Hey there. What email address should I use to contact you about pricing a possible commission?