Instant gratification chocolate pudding (the toddler special)

Remember when you were a kid, how long everything took? It used to drive me nuts to be told that we were almost there, or that something was almost done, and then have to wait the ages a half hour seemed. In the case of cooking, it was aggravated by having to wait while something baked, then wait for it to cool. I usually ended up sick from eating warm cookies.

It´s with that in mind that I offer this recipe, perfect for making with children. It takes almost no time to mix, needs only a scale and a bowl and a spoon and you don´t have to turn on the hob or the oven. The cooking time is two minutes, and you can eat it warm.
I don´t claim that it´s the most elegant or stylish concoction, but boy is it fast. It tastes very good, specially when served hot with a scoop of ice cream, and it´s real food; not a rice crispie in sight. You can keep them entertained for a little while, and by the time the sugar rush hits them and they go berserk, it will hit you, too, and leave you with a beatific smile on your face, and the calm of good chocolate.

Chocolate steamed pudding

Makes two generous deep ramekins, or three less bountiful ones (which is fine. remember that ice cream?)

Put 50 gr. of 52% chocolate and 50 gr. butter in a big microwave safe bowl. Give them one minute on half strenght, and then mix well with the wooden spoon. Little fingers willl interfere but let them. Butter and chocolate, what´s wrong with that?
beat in an egg, and add 25 gr. of flour and a pinch of baking powder. Mix well and put the mix into ramekins. Cover them with clingfilm and microwave on high for 60 seconds.
That should have a bit of sauce underneath, but if you prefer to have the thing cooked through so you can turn it out, then give it 90 seconds, and butter the ramekins.
(You might need a test run. Microwaves are notoriusly weird, and different from each other)

See? Easy as anything. And satisfactory. By the time the bowl has been thoroughly licked, it´s cooked. If you need to entertain a toddler who doesn´t understand delayed gratification, this is it.

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Sang dijo...

Hi! I've been a silent reader so far, I read your recipe for bonito encebollado years ago, and forgot about it, and then i had to search high and low for your blog as I couldn't remember what to search for! I read it for fun now :)

I haven't made anything from your blog so far (does pressure cooker stock count?) but I am going to try this one. My kids are the same ages as yours (i think) and a 10 minute chocolate fix is just what I need for the emergency meriendas!

Thanks... and I'd love more of your kiddie recipes please please! I always end up giving the toddler the same 4-5 dishes.


This Blue Lobster dijo...

Hello, from a fellow lobster!

I just discovered your blog, and I absolutely love your brilliant illustrations - and the recipes sound delicious. This pudding is an excellent idea. I completely sympathize with the battle against patience when sweets are in the mix. :)

xps dijo...

tarda poco, pero puedo esperar una semana. qué ilusión!!