Psychic Octopus, a feira

It has to be octopus, right? I´ve never cooked a real whole octopus in my life, and I´m not suggesting that you do. If you´re in Spain, or Greece, or somewhere civilized like that, then you can just amble down to the market and buy a couple of tentacles, boiled by your fishmonger. You can then slice at home, to be laid on slices of plain boiled potatoes, sprinkled with pimentón and coarse salt, and drizzled with olive oil. That´s it. Pulpo a la gallega, couldn´t be simpler.If you don´t, and I for one would have to look high and low to find some pulpo right now, then you can boil the potatoes and put some slices of ham on top, before doing the paprika/salt/oil thing.I´m sure Paul would prefer that version.

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Jonathan dijo...

I thought that that octopus was a little freaky. How could a OCTOPUS predict the fate of the German soccer team? Did you know since the Germans lost the semi-finals there have been death-threats against the octopus? Yikes,...sore losers much?


bye bye dijo...

sounds yummy! Spanish food is always the best.

Pille dijo...

And here, dear readers, is a photo of pulpo a la gallega as prepared by your dear Ximena:

Good luck tonight!!!

Unknown dijo...

i love this picture. you are a terrific artist and writer.

Mel dijo...

Hi Ximena, what a pleasure to stumble on your blog today! Love your illustrations and posts, and have now bookmarked your site for future visits!

PS. I cooked my first octopus this year in New Zealand where I am now based - and I have to say, handling it was grotesque but it tasted amazing.

o0zajxjnh0o dijo...

I do not understand. Someone help me explain

Anónimo dijo...

I don't know whether they have Morrsion's supermarkets in Scotland (maybe they are Scottish?) but they always seem tohave fresh octopus on their fish counters. Admittedly they are whole ones but usually not to obig and it's reallly not that scary cleaning an octopus. Made Pulpo Gallego on Friday. Nom nom nom