Rice cooker flan

Since I am, oficially, and until the match is over, trembling like a jelly, or shaking like a flan, here is one, to follow with the wholesome easy pudding theme.
Mind you, when I say a flan, I mean a shortcut flan, of course, not your blissful platonic ideal of a flan, of the sort that quivers gently in a bain marie for an hour after being infused for half. No, my flan is whizzed cold, goes into little ramekins that are covered any old how and put, unceremoniously, in the steamer basket of a rice cooker, which makes it fit neatly into many a midweek dinner preparation.

The recipe:

Take a meassuring jug, pour 333 ml. of milk, add two eggs, a few drops of vanilla extract and two spoonfuls of sugar. Blend it briefly, or just beat it with a fork until it´s all well mixed.
Now you can make caramel and coat four ramekins, which is easy but might be more fiddly than you want. It will still be great without it.
Pour the milk and egg mixture. This quantity makes four stingily filled ramekins, or three full ones. Put them in the steamer basket and cover them with one large piece of foil or clingfilm, tucked under them, or individually, whatever you´re in the mood for.
Put the rice and water in the big bowl, set the steamer rack on top, plug the thing and when you hear the clack sound that indicates the rice is going into "warm" mode, take a look at the custards. If they look like they´re not totally set, leave them a few minutes, but they´re probably done.
Put them in cold water to cool, which they´ll have done by the time you´ve finished your meal.
We had these yesterday with some Scottish strawberries and they were awsome.

(You can also make this in a normal steamer, in which case you can up the quantities to 3 eggs and 500 ml milk, and stack the ramekins. My rice cooker only fits four.)

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Readaholics dijo...

Que rico!! I make flan in my pressure cooker. I will try this method and let you know what I think! Go Spain!!!!!!

Emelie dijo...

Ohmai, i so love your blog! In school i study spanish, its a beautiful languige. Your header is nice!

Hugs from Emelie. :D

Jordan T. Dilwood dijo...

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Jules dijo...

Hi there! Just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. I just recently started my own food blog and it so great to see another blogger's perspective. I love your creativity. It's so visually stunning. When you get a chance check out mine... any feedback is appreciated. I am a "youngen" when it comes to blogging :).



Readaholics dijo...

Ganamos!!! Spain won, it was an excellent game. I bet you're happy.
See ya.

Jenya dijo...

Congratulations on the game:-) I'm so happy Spain won!

Anónimo dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

VIVA ESPANA!!!!!! Wish you could have been here tonight, Madrid has erupted with joy. Now I just wish the vuvuzelas would go home, it's 3.30 and I don't think I'll be getting much sleep..

loconubi dijo...

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GABY dijo...

i like your blog.makes me want to cook,go to spain,learn spanish.ciao gaby

Unknown dijo...

I loved the illustrations on your blogs .. keep posting new ones :)

JBUDD NEWS dijo...

rice cooker's are the bomb. I've got plenty of my own recipe's here at http://jbuddnews.blogspot.com just go to the label JFood ;)
haha man I crack myself up...

Fireviews dijo...

I just made it! It's delicious. Great recipe. Got anymore of these good ones??

M.S. Advice dijo...

would you mind giving my blog a shout out? im trying to get people to visit ... thank you :-)

flynn dijo...

So, make rice mixture, put in ramekins, then put on top of rice and water in rice cooker? How much rice/water? Does it matter? I would love to use this method, but wanted to check with you regarding the details first! Love, love, love your blog.


lobstersquad dijo...

Hi Flynn,

You make rice as you normally would, with the measurements the cooker gives you, and put the ramekins in the steamer rack.
It's not a very exact method, but works.