Ginger scallion sauce

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Here´s the link for the original article.
You should absolutely make this sauce, because it´s:
a- a great way to deal with ageing ginger and scallions.
b- you can keep it in the fridge for days, so you only have to pull out the processor and do the heat the oil thing once. Not that it´s hard, but I hear you.
c- it´s amazing how a tiny spoonful of this elixir transforms anything into utter bliss. White rice, scrambled eggs, steamed fish, miso soup, plain boiled vegetables. Anything.
Which is great, because sometimes, after the seventeenth consecutive reading of The tiger who came to tea, you´re not really in the mood to make anything complicated, and yet you need a lot of punch.

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Anónimo dijo...

Love love love the article!

"I dripped so much of it on the couch that Sunday afternoons I'd watch football, catch a whiff from the armrest, and get hungry. More than once, I looked at that armrest with improper and unsanitary thoughts. Believe me."

Stacy dijo...

This looks absolutely delicious! Dangerously so, perhaps. It sounds like I'll have to put antimacassars over the arms of the sofa or something.

By the way, I discovered your blog a few days ago and enjoy it very much--congratulations on being a Blog of Note!

kickpleat dijo...

I'm there! I need some punch.

Unknown dijo...

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charlie dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

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