Acquired tastes


blue cheese


porridge (and oats in general)


membrillo (quince paste. very sweet)

mojama (dried tuna. very salty)

These are some things I didn´t use to like very much, or not at all, and that I now love. If asked, I´ll probably say that there´s nothing I don´t like. Altough I don´t much like cilantro, I´ll eat it. And I don´t love chewy textured things like tripe, but I´ll very happily dunk any amount of bread into the sauce of a plate of callos.
I think it´s more fun to like everything, and try everything. Even if what happens is a battle of wills with a waiter at some foreign restaurant, and that mettle-rising "You won´t like it". You´re brought a plate of glutinous soy (didn´t like) or duck´s feet (ditto). And you lose face, but at least you´ve tried.
I used to have rules, like "no ice cream and sorbet together". But I found out that J will routinely ask for chocolate and lemon, together. So now I think it´s rather charming, in a slightly childish, can´t-choose way. Even do it myself, sometimes, so add to the list

ice cream next to sorbet

Basically, now I think there are no rules and no set-in-stone dislikes. As long as it´s well cooked, that is. I´d much rather eat snake, if it´s lovingly and well prepared and I´m in the Mekong delta and carried away by the whole daredevil experience, than a packaged-ready-frozen and then badly fried croqueta.

There, that´s my philosophical input for Monday morning.

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MyKitchenInHalfCups dijo...

The wisdom of experience!
I can't remember when I didn't like honey or blue cheese.
Gave up cucumbers for a while after my mom upchucked them on me once.
Always liked oatmeal. Cabbage came late.
Wanted to try membrillo for so long, loved it when I did.
Now must search out mojama.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

For me, blue cheese -- any strong cheese, really -- is a recently acquired taste. Also hot sauce and spicy food generally -- never ate it when I was younger, and now I can't get enough of it. As for chocolate and lemon, the combination is a classic in Italian ices, the kind you buy in a small cup from a cart at a street fair!

Andreea dijo...

i fully agree with your monday input. much more fun to try things our and then decide you don't like them. altough cucmber: didn't like them - still don't (except if they are in tzatziki ... so i guess that goes back to your point)

xps dijo...

Pues si. algo de pánico da, pero me encanta.

Rosa dijo...

Cabbage is one of very few foods that I don't really love, but I'm sure I will after making your cocarrois!

Anónimo dijo...

In about the past 5 years or so, I have become much more adventurous in my eating - apparently I'm becoming more open minded as I get older. :)

Funny you should mention cucumber - I've liked them on their own for years, but to me they always had such a particular taste to them that I couldn't really wrap my head around them being paired with something.

Then I had a smoked salmon pinwheel perched on a slice of cucumber. YUM.

Beatriz dijo...

I really like your blog and this post in particular. First time commenter. I may credit and/or reference your post as an inspiration for listing my acquired tastes. I think it's so interesting to find out what people like to eat. Membrillo, I have not had in years and Mom used to make it all the time!

Anónimo dijo...

I´m with you on this one. Luckily, tastes do develop with time. For instance, I couldn´t stand brusel sprouts or broccoli and now I love both. I still have a strong aversion against blue cheese, but I´m open to the idea of liking it someday.
The key is definitely in eating food the right way, in the preparation, quality and flavor combination (take beets for instance, not a true fan, but when combined with green apples or goat cheese, you really can´t go wrong).

Pille dijo...

I've still got a long list of food tastes I am yet to acquire. But I'm getting there. Slowly, but steadily :)

Naomi dijo...

I'm waiting to acquire the taste for brussels sprouts. I've heard from at least two different people that they're good when they're done properly. But what is properly??

lobstersquad dijo...

mkihc: odd to remember a time when I didn´t like honey, but there you go. Bad cucumber trauma!
lydia: I´m glad to have seen the error of my ways, lemon and chocolatewise
andreaa: I started liking cucumber in tzaziki too
xps: thanks
rosa: I took a long time to come round to cabbage, too. I hope the cocarrois help
cindy: salmon and cucumber were meant to be.
beatriz_ thanks for commenting, I´ll be looking out for your post
marce: totally with you about combos, some things just can´t be otherwise.
Pille: aren´t we all!
Naomi: yep, I´m still not keen on those, I forgot. maybe one day we´ll like them, who knows?

Farmgirl Susan dijo...

Here I thought all these comments were going to be about this wonderful illustration, and not a single one mentioned it! I love to talk about food as much as the next person, but it was your charming accompanying artwork that really caught my attention on this post. I love it. It's definitely one of my favorites! : )