Washing up

I don´t really like washing up. Some people do, or at least they say they do.
I don´t, and I think the only downside to loving cooking is the surplus amount of washing up it entails.
You see, we don´t have a dishwasher (gasp!). My kitchen looks so sweet as it is, and I´d have to redo it entirely to fit one, losing all its Amélie charm. So I´ve convinced myself that we don´t really need a big clunky machine.
Today I was actually glad not to have it. I´d been having a rough morning, grappling with the impossible request to produce "edgy" drawings based on Stravisnky, and with a language textbook. By noon I was feeling murderous, and would gladly have shouted at Igor, had he been alive and available, or at the editors of the textbook, had I forgotten that I have a mortage to pay.
Who took the brunt of my rage? The pots and pans. Bless ´em.

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Raquel dijo...

Soulsister, yo tampoco tengo lavaplatos y también odio fregar.

Aquí estoy, esperando que el guiri se dé por aludido y friegue, que yo cumplí haciendo la cena.

Pero el dibujo te ha quedado de escándalo.

Meg dijo...

Illustrations based on Stravinsky? Oy. You hardly need the extra instruction of "edgy" for that. Igor does not make his music easy to illustrate. No sugar plum fairies there.

As undoubtedly lacking in aesthetic beauty as it is, I love my (increasingly rickety) dishwasher.

Gloria Baker dijo...

Ximena, a mì tambièn me carga lavar platos es la parte mala de la cocina pienso, estoy feliz cocinando y cuando despues veo...oohh, paciencia, xxxGloria
Me encantò el dibujo!!!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

I too do not have a dishwasher. There is something wonderful and even romantic about washing dishes -- until you have a large dinner party!

iml dijo...

Fill the sink with soapy lukewarm water, put on a glove with the sponge, start washing. I find this therapeutic.

Pille dijo...

We're soulmates, Ximena. As much as I love cooking, I HATE doing the dishes afterwards. But there are few BUTS. I also cannot stand dirty dishes in my kitchen, so I have to do them after a dinner party, and not leave them until morning (however tired I am!) Furthermore, in Edinburgh, friends often offered to do them after dinner, but I never allowed them to. Then I never had to feel obliged to do the dishes when attending a dinner party at friends' place:)
I'm glad K. has a dishwasher. Makes life so much nicer :)

Anónimo dijo...

I hate washing the dishes when I don't want to do it, but sometimes it can be a introspection moment too. So I have a dishwasher machine ( for me it's a must!) so I can choose to wash or not to wash.

lobstersquad dijo...

Guru: J se presta, y friega bastante bien, pero luego de vez en cuando tengo que rehacer unos cuantos platos que se ha "olvidado" de limpiar por abajo. Seguro que el guiri es más concienzudo.
Meg: it´s not Igor that lacks edge, God knows, but me. I´m frivolous and soft!
Gloria: nada, a armarse de paciencia, qué le vamos a hacer.
Lydia: dinner party clean-up is the worst. perky music helps.
Iml: aha, you´re one of them! I find it therapeutic, too, sometimes, you´re right.
Pille: oh yes, I NEVER let people help with the washing up. they never know where anything goes, and then you have to clean up at their places, and can´t do your usual shortcuts. No way. Anónimo: lucky, I think that´s the best option. Maybe when I have a bigger kitchen.

Anónimo dijo...

Ah see, I've resisted moving to a bigger, better-situated flat just because our current one has a dishwasher!

I know it's therapeutic and all - every once in a while - but honestly, I don't know how I ever lived without one!

Unknown dijo...

I've just discovered your blog and am impressed. Whimsical, unique, makes me want to get messy with paints! (And then hop in a bubble bath to clean up - the easy way to wash up!)

Anónimo dijo...

I don´t like doing the dishes either (and have no dishwasher). But on days when I come home exhausted and stressed it actually helps me to come down again.

Anónimo dijo...

is that one of those wall-mounted drying racks? I SO covet those! For some reason, they're only available in Europe. Americans can't seem to admit that there's people living in their country that barely have counterspace, so they don't manufacture them. I would have given my left hand for one of those back in my old apartment!
that should help you with your dishwashing blues... just imagine, an entire continent coveting your drying rack!

lobstersquad dijo...

melissa: I´m with you, if I want therapy I see a therapist, but o well. for now I wash up.
nora leah: thanks so much, and welcome!
audrey: it´s not bad, and when it´s over it feels so good. so yes, good thing sometimes.
ann: this is from Ikea. I´d never have thought it in any way special, very interesting, what you tell me.

LE BLOG dijo...

Jo, el dibujo es la pera.