Fall picnics

I´ve haven´t been near the computer for days. José has been visiting, so it was an occasion for an unofficial holiday.
And a picnic.
After the hot summer, it´s picnic season again. It´s still a little early, because everything is bone dry and prickly, with every kind of thistle and thorn yellow and ready to sting the minute you sit down to eat your sandwiches.
But we have a good blanket, and the flies and nasty bugs seem to have succumbed to last week´s rains, so I consider the season has begun.
The picnic was simple, just cheese and bread and plums, with a bottle of cold beer we bought in the village, and some walnuts we picked from the trees by the old mill.
All very nice and bucolic, and we managed to keep our crazy dogs from coating the cheese with scattered earth, which is quite a feat.

7 comentarios:

Naomi dijo...

Picnics are my favourite, but I live in a similarly dry and prickly land - sometimes you just need to be really determined about it.

xps dijo...

crazy dogs not crazy any more. just happy and tired.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Fall picnics are my favorite -- the air is crisp but not yet cold, the bugs have migrated elsewhere for the season, and the fruit (apples and pears, mostly, around here) are at their peak. Beautiful illustration, too -- makes me want to be right in that spot!

Wendy dijo...

Just discovered your blog. So very very glad I did! Wonderful!

Casey dijo...

what kind of dogs?
signed Owner of very crazy Border Collies

tammy dijo...

Picking walnuts sounds nice.

lobstersquad dijo...

naomi: ah, well, it will rain soon, I hope, I´m sure you get that feeling too.
xps: mejor
lydia: the bugs being off duty is the best.
wendy: thanks for visiting!
casey: white labrador and jack russel. good combo, very sweet, but off their rocker, even the labrador, who shouldn´t be.
tammy: the walnuts were a little green, but having picked them ourselves made it not matter at all.