Rainy day soup

Well, what do you know. When I left the country a week ago it was sunny and mild. People thronged to the beaches, and you could find peaches in the market.
Five days later I came back to a different place. Mists and mellow fruitfulness seem to have swept the board.
I´d go out with a wicker basket and stock up on pumpkins and ceps, except that it´s raining pretty hard, and I can´t be bothered. I can´t even be bothered to go to my mother´s for lunch, even if tortilla de patatas is promised. I´ll stay in. A quick rummage in my freezer has given me a spicy tomato soup.
Just the thing to eat hunkered deep in the sofa, while I watch "The searchers". Nothing like a golden orange western and soup to neutralize the blue rain outside.
I can´t remember very well what there was in it, or I´d give the recipe. I suspect it´s a basic elemental onion-garlic then cumin and coriander, then a couple of carrots and a tin of tomatoes plus stock and a dried chili. Maybe thickened with some rice, and blitzed to a creamy consistency.
And if not, that´d be a good soup too.

7 comentarios:

Julie dijo...

I love that very casual tomato soup recipe you just rattled off... sounds tasty, indeed!

Raquel dijo...

A scarf, a scarf. My kingdom for that scarf.

Anónimo dijo...

It would be quite a good soup - and just the thing for such cold, rainy days!

xps dijo...

pero que fresquisima eres dando recetas.

Anónimo dijo...

What's the movie watching equivalent of well read? Whatever it is, you are it. I love that you're watching The Searchers on a rainy day in Spain. And your soup sounds as if it would be color coordinated with a golden orange western.

lobstersquad dijo...

Julie: I don´t really remember what I did. But if I do it again, I´ll be more precise.
Guru: I know. I don´t have it, but thought I´d get it out of my system if I drew it.
Ellie: it was pretty good, yes.
xps: es que correos está fatá.
Julie: I think the word you´re looking for is "movie geek". It really was perfect, and matched the soup exactly.

Anónimo dijo...

i just discovered the beauty of using rice to make soups creamy
it's absolute brilliant!
you europeans think of everything ;-)