Sushi per tutti

José has been away over a week, working in England.
I´ve been pretty busy and had lots of things to do, so it hasn´t all been moping around waiting for him. My subconscious mind thought otherwise, though. I´ve been listening to Madama Butterfly non-stop for days. At first I thought this was just one of those things, but thinking on it a little more, it became obvious why it was Butterfly and not some other opera.
The abandoned wife thing, you see, waiting by the window for the errant husband to come back. I have a very dramatic subconscious, it would seem.
J is back tonight. Since the subconscious has done the leap from me to the Japanese theme, now, naturally, it´s jumped to sushi.
J´ll probably be too tired to want to go out tonight, but I´m already dreaming of the big tray I´ll have tomorrow for lunch.
 Kawara is my favourite Japanese restaurant in Madrid. It´s unfussy and unpretentious and unexpensive, unlike most of the others, and just the place for a relaxed Sunday lunch. My favourite is really the bento weekday lunch special, but there´s no way I´m waiting so long.

4 comentarios:

Raquel dijo...

Love the pic!

Have you tried the sesame fried chicken? It´s very nice and the sauce (black, thick, spicy) is delicious! I wonder if they have it there.

LE BLOG dijo...

Uhmmmm ¡habrá que ir a conocerlo!

LE BLOG dijo...

¡Ah! Soy fan de las SILUETAS, creo que este es uno de mis dibujos preferidos de este blog.

Lego y Pulgón dijo...

Me gusta mucho el símil de la ópera; un toque romántico inesperado. (Lo que trato de disimular es que no me gusta nada el sushi (glups, lo siento). Prefiero huevos fritos con balsámico, je, je.)