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Having friends over for a few days means not just company and good times; it´s also a prime opportunity for pigging out, and feeling like a gracious hostess rather than a pig.

I give my visitors things they won´t find in Spain. Prime British pork sausages, elderflower lemonade, smoked mackerel and trout, granary malted bread and punnet after punnet of Scottish raspberries, with thick yogurt or with meringues and cream. Good stuff.

Now that they´ve gone, we go back to normal. Lunch today will be steamed broccoli and poached eggs, with the last of the raspberries. No crumbles, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, mountains of chips or jugs of Pimm´s turning up after meals.

Until we go back to Spain in a few weeks, and become guests ourselves, that is.

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Kaczka dijo...

Made notes what to serve to our guests at the weekend :-))) Thanks!

Anónimo dijo...

We had such a wonderful time! We miss the hamburgers and the smoked fish and the pymm's and the beers and the garden and the swim in the North sea (well, actually, this not so much!)... we loved the few days over day and it makes us feel a bit better to know that you're not stuffing yourselves without us!!! :-D Paula