At last, change!

As ever with these things, I´d been dreading it and putting it off, and lo and behold, it was very easy and now I wish I´d done it earlier. Here you have it, with bells on: clean, fresh tags, all the followers there looking beautiful, and most important, the share buttons so you can tweet and like to your heart´s content.
Here´s to five years (and a few months) of blogging, a Lobstersquad iPad app in the works, and all the rest.

3 comentarios:

Pille dijo...

Yay!!!! I'll check it out as soon as K's mum is visiting again - she's the only one with an iPad in our family, you see :)

lobstersquad dijo...

Hi pIlle: the app isn't ready yet, but stay tuned...it will beawsome!!!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Oh, yes, I'm waiting for your app, too! Love the design tweaks. And congratulations on five years!