French toast

French toast is so easy to make that probably nobody needs a recipe, but then again, somebody makes French toast for the first time some day, and you won´t want it to catch you at a bad time, like Dustin Hoffmann in Kramer vs Kramer.

My children love this, so I make it for dinner rather than breakfast. It goes just as well with cheese and broccoli as it does with maple syrup and bacon.

Take one egg per person, add the same volume of milk, more or less, beat it well and dunk sliced bread. It has to soak up the liquid but not turn soggy, so it´s best to use old bread, from a good loaf (the guys from the bag above make the best in Aberdeen).

Toast in a pan you´ve brushed with oil or butter and that´s it. Easy.

And, as a little Friday bonus, a link to a beautiful short film by Maira Kalman.Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and tighten your heart, all at the same time.

3 comentarios:

Magda dijo...

That scene in Kramer vs Kramer is one of my favorite scenes of all time.
French toast, either sweet or savory is the best isn't it?

Raquel dijo...

He visto dos ilustraciones tuyas en la revista de Iberia de este mes :) Sonreí orgullosa.

Pille dijo...

Often our weekend breakfast fare :)