Broccoli cheese sauce

My mother, of course, knows best. And she told me, loud and clear, "don´t have children". But I did.

And now I have to feed them, which I never thought would be too hard. Ha.

I know the first rule is "don´t take it personally", and I try not to. And they look pretty robust, so I´m not worried. It´s just annoying that they refuse meatballs and pizza, with scorn I used to reserve for liver or limp cabbage.

But anyway, this sauce passed muster yesterday, so I´m sticking with it for a while. My ennervating kids don´t mind the taste of broccoli, but at some point a colour bar was raised, and they look on anything green with straight out loathing. Luckily, broccoli stalks are white, and so, here goes:

Sneaky broccoli cheese sauce for toddlers

Steam a couple of head of broccoli; the florets like that, the stalks peeled and diced roughly.

Once tender, blend the stalks with some cheese until you have a cheesy, whiteish, surprisingly tasty sauce.

Pour over pasta, hope for the best.

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La Tartine Gourmande dijo...

Ah yes. I am dreading to reach the point when Lulu turns her noise to anything green. So far, so good, but....How old are your little ones?

lobstersquad dijo...

Tartime:hi. Pia is almost three, she's the dangerous one. pepe is a year and a half and can still be coaxed, sometimes. And thanks for following!

la ninja dijo...

not wanting to praise british (or scottish in your case) grub over spanish (dios me libre, dios me libre. vade retro, satanás... ;)
however, while a student in britain, when I first had broccoli and cheese sauce, I immediately thought to myself: "this would have made me want to eat 'brécol' as a child".

boiled, bland, pants-smelly broccoli and cauliflower are simply not inviting for kiddos. not. at. all.

(speaking of greens. I watched 'rick stein in spain' on the beeb yesterday and some seriously mad electric artichokes made an appearance. check it out if you can.)


lobstersquad dijo...

NinJA: I like British food very well, actually. My beef is with British weather.
Will look out for Stein, thanks. I've seen the book and it looks preetty good.

philip hendon dijo...

Ha! Cheese sauce will get any child (or adult) to eat any veg green or otherwise. My pet hate is carrots....Yuk! but put them in cheese sauce and I will eata whole plate of them!