The Perfect Pantry

Lydia, Prueba, originally uploaded by Lobstersquad.

Another blog that has recently had a spruce up is Lydia's The Perfect Pantry, an old time favourite. This is a blog that has all the warm and open tone we like to read, cemented on a rock solid foundation of information and great recipes. If you don't know it yet, go and have a look.
Lydia was kind enough to ask me to do an illustration for the header. I wish all jobs were as fun.
The drawing is one of the preliminaries I did at the beginning of the process.

My pantry, though far from perfect, is bulging with good things, which come in very useful now that I don't have access to my dear Barceló market and all the little shops around it. Brit supermarkets are well stocked but I hate having to drive to them.

Tonight we've had empanada gallega, an impressive looking dish made all from pantry ingredients. This one was filled with onions, from and Eazy can, three tins of sardines, some oregano and a handful of raisins.

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Kalyn Denny dijo...

I love the gorgeous new banner you did for Lydia.

EB of SpiceDish dijo...

I thought her site looked spiffy! Nicely done.

Pille dijo...

I saw the new banner already - thanks to Kalyn's shout-out @ Facebook :)

Mmmm - wondering now if I need a spruce up as well ;)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

I love love love working with you! Thank you so much for the wonderful banner -- I always feel like what we do together is a true collaboration.

Anónimo dijo...

And I love your collages. The one of the woman riding a Vespa is simple, elegant and fun.
The new banner for The Perfect Pantry is perfect.

Anónimo dijo...

I also love you collages. The one of the woman on a Vespa is simple, elegant and fun. The new banner for The Perfect Pantry is perfect.

lobstersquad dijo...

Kalyn: thanks, and for the FB shoutout, too!
EB: her site always looks wonderful, but now...
Pille: at your service, madame.
Lydia: as you know, it´s a two way road, it really is, Lydia, thanks.
Rupert: thanks, that´s one of my favourites.