Take time for lunch

J always comes home for lunch, since it´s his job to pick up the kids from nursery.
It´s a proper meal. I lay the table and we sit down, even if we only have twenty minutes to eat it. And even though I often cook it in fifteen, it´s still good stuff.
The good old pressure cooker is a big help, as is the freezer, and yesterday´s leftovers.
What can I say? I come from a culture of big lunches and small dinners, and it feels more civilized to sit down to black bean soup, at a table, than to snatch a sandwich at your desk.
So there. I wish you all a very good lunch.

3 comentarios:

EB of SpiceDish dijo...

Here here!

Pille dijo...

I love living in the house in the suburb we do (and I love the garden - you must come and visit!), but I _often_ wish I lived in the city centre, so K. could come and join us for lunch.
Alas, no. But one can dream...

Raquel dijo...

Como debe ser. Y además es más sano. Proud of you.