The Food of Spain, by Claudia Roden

It´s finally out. I can´t wait to get my hands on it, and much fruitless time is spent debating wether to buy the US edition already, and risk the American measurements, or wait like a good girl for it to come out here.
Meanwhile, you can read a review here, a New Yorker profile of the author here, and, best of all, an excerpt here.
I can´t say for sure, but I think this is it, the definitive book on Spanish cooking, yes!

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Anónimo dijo...

Grrrrrrrr, you've just ruined my good intentions not to buy any more cookboos for my overloaded bookshelves!!!!!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Probably there is not such a thing as the definitive book on Spanish cooking though I know what you mean. In my library there is a book I love a notch above others and certainly is The Book of Jewish Food. I read the reference of this new Claudia Rode's book in NYT I was really tempted to order though eventually I refrained my appetite because like Debjani, books are lining up to be read and that shy me away. However, I'm under the impression that Food of Spain will represent a different insight on the Spanish true cookery roots as hinted in the Book of Jewish Food. Can you please read it for me and advice? Otherwise, Mrs Roden writing is delightful indeed!



lobstersquad dijo...

Deb: I know what you mean, but Roden is Roden, needs must...
Cuchillero: I call it the definitive book because all the others to date are recipe books but this is sure to be chock full of good historical stuff and insights and new things. As the book of Jewish food, as you say.
I'll let you know when I read it, promise.

Tim in the kitchen dijo...

Really looking forward to buying this - have been cooking from her Book of Jewish Food for the last six years in Spain. Now I'm moving back to Edinburgh, so this could help smoothe the transition!


Pille dijo...

I LOVE Claudia Roden - her Jewish book was a masterpiece and many of the others are wonderful..

Will mark that on Amazon - but will be waiting for the european edition first...