Fusion baby food: miso mashed potatoes

Miso is one of the things that´s always sitting in my fridge. Usually to be used as a soup base when I´m making Japanese-y noodle soups, and as a quick marinade for fish, but also to kick up a panful of mushrooms, or anything that tastes a bit wan.

Yesterday I had a leftover boiled potato, and a toddler in a high chair looking hungry but discerning. The lone potato would not cut it, but if I started fiddling around defrosting stuff, he´d howl. Answer; miso mashed potatoes, a David Chang conceit, but fine for all ages.

I heated the potato in the microwave, and then put a bit of butter and a bit of miso, mashed it with a fork, and that was that, a very popular instant hit.

You can also do that with sweet potatoes, and if it´s for you, don´t be shy with the miso. Your pork chop or chicken thighs will be very happy next to this.

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Yoshi Blade dijo...

This post about miso mashed potatoes was quite interesting. Thanks for the information.

Cammy dijo...

Good stuff! Thanks for this update.

Pille dijo...

Ximena, we'll start introducing solids to Aksel in a few weeks (six months already soon!?), and as I always have a jar of shiro miso in my fridge as well, I can try your fusion tattie one day :)

Anónimo dijo...

I like that your toddler has discerning tastes and I love that he is a fan of miso mash potatoes. Bravo!