Autumnal plum tart

I´m confused. The calendar tells me it´s oficially autum, has been for some weeks, in fact. My favourite fruit stall at the market has attractively arranged piles of pumpkins and cabbages and the first oranges and clementines.
But there´s no rain. No wild west wing, no long dark afternoons, no falling leaves. They´re not even yellow. What to do?
I jumped the gun last week and made some beef stew, and it was very nice and beefy and warming, but as it was warm already, the potatoes and salad were a bigger hit.
The plum tart proved more popular. It´s definitely autumnal, but fruity and sweet and not heavy. There are still plums going around, although they´re not the luscious jammy ones of a few weeks back. So it makes more sense to cook them. Anyway, this recipe can be used with many other fruits, so don´t despise those bedraggled peaches and nectarines.
It´s a very simple and easy recipe, taken from Trish Deseine´s "Food for friends". All you do is line a tart mold with sweet shortcrust pastry ( I use the recipe from the Thermomix sect book, which gives enough for two 23 cm. bases, but please proceed with your favourite literature).
It needs no blind baking or other flim flammy stuff. While the dough rests in the fridge you stone the plums. If they are sweet and juicy you´ll eat some, and it may take you a while to set aside enough of them, but you´ll get there eventually.
As the oven heats up you´ll arrange the plum halves, cut side down. I´d tell you to do this in a nice pattern, but who am I kidding?
The plums are then dotted with butter and sprinkled with sugar (amount depending on sweetness of said plums) and you´ll know when the tart is done by the golden look of the pastry rim and the heavenly smell wafting through the house. I strongly advise leaving the kitchen door open while making this. The plums will have collapsed a little, and their juice will have made some of the pastry soggy but in a good way. Serve lukewarm with greek yogurt in this weather, or cream later on.

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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

This is my kind of tart! Not fussy, no pastry cream, just great tart dough, wonderful seasonal fruit, sugar and heat. Sometimes I dot with butter, too, if the fruit isn't as juicy. I love the idea of serving this with yogurt.

Rachel dijo...

That looks perfect!

Pille dijo...

Lovely simple tart, Ximena!! "the Thermomix sect book" LOL:) It's definitely autumn here, for a long time already. We live in the fear of winter now - it has already been snowing in parts of the country..

Casey dijo...

Sounds lovely. I'm another member of the no-pastry-cream-just-let-me-taste-the-fruit clan.
As for Vanishing Autumn, I made wonderful (and EASY) beef short ribs last night (will be blogging about them tomorrow) and Spouse said: "Somehow this would taste even better if it were cold and rainy outside."

xps dijo...

que rico, que ideal, que cerda!

Anónimo dijo...

It will never be autumn here....waaaah! But that won't stop me from enjoying a tart as lovely-sounding as this :)

Rosa dijo...

I love plums! If you don't want soggy pastry, try putting the plums cut side up - that's what most French pastry chefs do.

Anónimo dijo...

We're experiencing the Case of the Missing Autumn here also. Hearing complaints about humidity in October is a new one for me.

You make that plum tart sound so enticing. I don't think we still have plums in season here but I'm making a note of this one for next summer.

Maco Tye chu楚壅 dijo...

Nice Picture