Away again

I´m going to England on Friday.
I end up going at some point every year, for some reason or other, and I love it.
This time José going to show me around Plymouth for the first leg of the trip. I´ve never been so far west, and he promises me I´ll swoon several times over the fish, the crabs, and maybe the natural beauties of Dartmoor.
After that, I´ll go to London. I was there in March this year, but only had time for a beautiful walk before J whisked me off to Oxford. He hates big cities, what can you do?
This time, I´ll leave him in Plymouth, and I´ll be free to roam around tranquilamente.
I mean to see both Hockney exhibitions, and to have a grand old time at the so amazing Books for Cooks. Other than that, I´m free as a bird, so if anyone wants to suggest things I shouldn´t miss, I´ll be very much obliged.

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Anónimo dijo...

Someone has been quite the travelling gourmande lately. Hope you and Jose have a fantastic time and I can't wait to hear more about it later!

El podenco dijo...

I love the pic!! ¡Qué monoooo! De mis favoritos...

Anónimo dijo...


You are going to have so much fun! So much fun!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Poor Ximena, don't walk, run away from Plymouth that concrete munument without any gastronomic interest.

Of course Dartmoor and lovely Cornwall are really close and both worth the trip.

If you need any tip dont hesitate to ask as I spent a whole year trying to find something to do. Just my luck.

christianne dijo...

Have a wonderful time! I've never been to Plymouth, but London is one of my favorite cities of all time. It doesn't matter if its pouring down rain or sunny and bright -- I adore London.

I'm a theater buff so I can't even imagine a trip to London without seeing a show in the West End, so that's always my advice.


Pille dijo...

I really love that picture of yours, Ximena! Enjoy your trip!

lobstersquad dijo...

Jenjen: I know, it´s all happening!
Paulova: es de hace 9 años, de un viaje a London
Ivonne: I hope so
Nopisto: well, any tip will be welcome. And I´ll only be in Plymouth for a night, it´s not too bad I hopw.
christianne: I adore London too. Can´t wait. I´ll try to catch a play
Pille: thanks!

Anónimo dijo...

You've asked for it.

Piermaster has some decent seafood but they overcook it. Well, the oysters are pretty decent, maybe because they don't cook them.

There is also a nice familiar italian restaurant called Positano.

And you can always go to Pizza Express for a not that bad pizza.

Out in Devon you can go to the Elephant restaurant in Torquay or The Arundell Arms, Lifton.