The mollete heartland

Having survived the wedding festivities, we´re now about to go further east, and visit J´s grandfather. He lives in the countryside, outside Antequera. Which is a very beautiful town, full of natural and mandmade beauties. But mostly, for me, mollete central.
Mollete, the perfect bread for breakfast toast, is a specialty of a Antequera, and in the house there´s always a basket of them sitting by the toaster in the mornings.
When I make a spectacle of myself at the breakfast table, there´s always someone who says, wonderingly : "You know, molletes used to be the poorest type of bread, so bad and cheap it was only possible to eat it toasted."
And I always smile though the breadcrumbs and the oil, and nod, and think, well, these peasants sure knew their bread from their elbow, and put another piece on the toaster.

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Anónimo dijo...

LOL! Loved this post - hope you have a lovely time in the countryside and get to feast on lots of mollete :)

xps dijo...

bring me some!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

bring some of them if you can, of course!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Ah.....This sounds perfect. It is my firm belief that peasants the world over have been responsible for most of the best things to eat. People who never have quite enough food seem to have figured out how to do the very most with the food they could get.

Or at least until bad, relatively cheap, ready made food started to be manufactured and marketed.

LE BLOG dijo...

Molletes! I loooooooove them! I prefer them with butter, but, oh, they're so delicious, that I don't reaaly care!!! Yummie yummie!

Raquel dijo...

What a beautiful pic! Lovely cypresses. Remind me of La Toscana.

And please stop talking about molletes!!!! Some of us are too far to get them (sigh)

Julie dijo...

I love morning toast and I want to try this mollete! My husband and I are starting to plan a trip to Spain this coming summer, and I'll be on the lookout for it. I may need to ask your advice about some of the destinations we have in mind for our travels.

Anónimo dijo...

I have never heard about this bread before. I need to try it!!!

lobstersquad dijo...

Elie: I sure did!
xps&gotr: couldn´t, sorry.
Lindy: I agree, if everyone had been overfed, we´d be missing out on very good stuff.
Le blog: I quite like them with butter, but daren´t say.
Julie: Great! I hope you come to Madrid too. We don´t have molletes, but there´s plenty to eat.
Bea: yes you do, I promise.