Celebrations vs. Heroes.

I just found this sketch, done exactly four years ago today.
I had just moved into this flat. My friend Katie was staying for a few days while she house-hunted.

Today that mug with the xxx is not with us any more, but Katie is. She came over for a short visit, and brought with her two boxes of chocolates that have kept us pretty entertained for quite a while.

They were´t designer chocs, you see, but honest-to-goodness bite-sized versions of chocolate bars. The kind where you think you´ll have one, and end up trying one of each. How can you not? You simply must know wether the new, beige version of Milky Way is better than the old one. The Malteser thing deserves discussion; why not just bung in a single Malteser, rather than that odd thing with the puffs inside? Does Galaxy stand up to being described as "chocolate doesn´t get much better than this"? Why does the Celebrations box weigh 460gr, plus 15 gr. of wrappers, when the Heroes has a whopping 20 gr. of wrappers? Is Katie the only fence-sitter in the world on Bounty, that love-it-or-hate-it bar?

Endless questions. It´s not that we´re greedy, you see, but that we find ourselves intellectually challenged by food.
We now have a table littered with at least 18 gr. of wrappers. I ain´t drawing that, you may be sure.

10 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Katie is better than chocolate...!!!!!!!

Unknown dijo...

haha. nice sketch. i happened to find a few of mines a few weeks ago too.

xps dijo...

sorry about your mug. happy about your chocolates and specially about katie's visit

Julie dijo...

I love mini chocolate bars. I don't know the last time I bought a standard size bar. When I went to England and first discovered the Celebrations boxes, I was in heaven!

Raquel dijo...

I keep away from mini-chocolate bars!!! I end up eating all! No self-control (sigh).

Anónimo dijo...

LOL! Great post - and though gourmet chocolates are nice now and then, the real pleasure in food comes from sharing with loved ones :)

Pille dijo...

What an amusing post!
I like the idea of being 'intellectually challenged by food', especially by chocolates. I think I'll borrow that phrase;)

Jen dijo...

I myself don't like Bounty. I don't like anything coconut. Except when it's in cake. So perhaps I may eat a Bounty cake, but not a Bounty bar.

Monkey Gland dijo...

Bounty has to be cold cold cold. The Galaxy thing is probably true if you are in a service station on the M1. Twix or Drifter. It the Short Sword and Shield vs Net and Trident question of the confectionary world.

lobstersquad dijo...

Guitars: too right.
Bloororez: cool. and thanks for visiting.
Xps: oh, that mug!
Julie: they´re impossible to resist, too bad.
Guru: don´t. I´ve had a box over the weekend.
Ellie: I´m beginning to think gourmet chocolates might have been better. They´re too rich to eat a box at a sitting.
Pille: I have the feeling we´re all a bit intellectually challenged by food around here, no?
Jenjen: I used to HATE bounty, and now look at me, it´s practically my favourite.
Monkey gland: take your word for the galaxy. And thanks for the visit, too.