South again

I´m going to Sevilla. Yep, you guessed. Another wedding. I actually had two on Saturday, but a joke´s a joke, right? Still, barring unforseen shotgun activity, it should be the last of the year, which makes it slightly better.

I have to drive down all by myself. José will be flying in from Santiago. While I wrestle with sixteen-wheel trucks he´ll be stuffing his face with empanada.

I´m going to burn a lot of silly singalong cds, and try not to think about that, or I will get a serioius bout of road rage.
I hope y´all have a good weekend.

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Nada como un clavel reventón. Tus seguidores se ván a volver locos con ellos. Pásalo bien.

Raquel dijo...

Drive safe! Have fun and enjoy the molletes!!!

Lolie dijo...

Oh, wow, that illustration is SO beautiful!

Anónimo dijo...

I agree with lolie, that illustration IS beautiful.

Wow, two weddings in two weekends -- you really are in the middle of a wedding stampede. Good heavens!

S. dijo...

What an amazing illustration! The flowers just POP! :)

Pille dijo...

Must be the year of weddings! How many did you go to? I've been to four so far, and had to turn down to invites. I've enjoyed them all, but it's a wee bit exhausting!
And I've already got 2 more invites for 2007. Oh well. At least I get to wear my nice frocks:)