Stickler pandas

I´m reading Eats, shoots and leaves. It´s a book about punctuation. It may not sound like it, but it´s very funny. Terrifying, though.
I´d have enjoyed it so much, if only I didn´t have this blog.
Now, I´m very nervous, and the keyboard seems to be ready to snap my fingers off if I misplace a semicolon.
So until I find out what a semicolon is, I´ll post less. Or more guiltily.

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Anónimo dijo...

Isn't it a wonderful book! And don't worry ... you're writing is perfect!

S. dijo...

I too am a stickler for perfect grammar and punctuation. I heard the story/joke behind 'eats, shoots and leaves' and thought I had to pick up that book at some point. You've just reminded me about it!

Great illustration.

briliantdonkey dijo...

hmmm I haven't heard of that book but will have to look for it. I just found my way here via a referal ,from christine(ramblings of a gypsysoul). Very nice blog you have. I am QUITE impressed by your drawings and art work. I myself have a hard time drawing stick figures but am dabbling a bit in the cartooning thing only for use with some of my posts on my blog. I am curious, For a super duper mega amateur like myself wanting to do something like that do you have any programs,software that you would recommend? Mind you, I have NO hope of getting to your level and am not kidding myself about that.However, I WOULD like to do something occasionally on a much more basic level.

wow, I have to say again, AWESOME pictures.


Anónimo dijo...

You have to tell me where you bought that book with the Ants climbing trees recipe, I don't know the name the only thing that comes to my mind is the Duran Duran song "Hungry like a wolf"...I found it great and very usefull!

Anónimo dijo...

It's funny how these things force us to scrutinize our work that much more closely! I'll have to find this book now -- at my own peril!

Anónimo dijo...

Eh, don't take her advice too much to heart, I know an editor that found much of what she said to be insipid, picky, boring and wrong. I think a far more important piece of writing on writing is Strunk & White's 'The Elements of Style.' Of course their most important piece of advice is "less is more" so I'm going to stop typing now.
Your blog is perfect Ximena, don't let a buncha cute bears scare you ;-)

Raquel dijo...

Jei! du not güorri! Yor inglis an yor raitin is yast perfect. Ai güish Ai cud spik it laik dat!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

No, no, post more. Never fear the : or the ;
Your writing is wonderful!
It is an excellent book and funny. But it's more for term papers not for real communicating which is what this blog thing is all about.

lobstersquad dijo...

Ivonne: I´m loving it, very surprised
stefanie: go get the book, it´s great
brilliantdonkey: thanks for visiting
gilly: it will make you think twice before writing, but it´s a good ´un
ann: well, it´s not a bad thing to go slow on the writing, I guess. I don´t know about the actual grammar, but I think she´s very funny writing. And any excuse to draw panda bears is a good one.
guru: ole que ole
tanna: yeah, who cares. I can´t use semicolons in spanish anyway. But it´s a really fun book

Anónimo dijo...

ktal ximena,

lovelovelove your drawings + your blog. ps i read that book 2 and i wouldn't let it scare u. true, it's sorta funny and instructional but she's a little 2 nazi about it for my taste! i prefer punctuational creativity. yah!yah! we need to take punctuation into the 21st century.

kickpleat dijo...

i liked that book too and i also had the fear after reading it that my grammar was truely horrible. oh well, semi-colons are overrated! i've also tagged you for that 5 foods meme...i hope you don't mind ;)

Anónimo dijo...

Your panda with the pistol is a most charming drawing.

I've only leafed through Eats, Shoots & Leaves in the bookstore but it looked like an entertaining book and you have to admire someone who can make grammar entertaining. You also have to admire someone who can write such an entertaining post about a grammar book.

Anónimo dijo...

The book is a lot of fun, and I don't think Ximena is really intimidated, folks. I have always thought that grammar is fun, and interesting. I'm glad when I find anyone else enjoys playing around with it, too.

Anyone who can write as well as X. in a language not her own, doesn't have to be scared of anyone! Semicolons are a gas; you just don't want to see them everywhere.

Alanna Kellogg dijo...

There are many levels on which to commuicate ... you're doing several, semi colons be damned. And besides if we only did what we do WELL, think of all we wouldn't be doing now, because we were once beginners. All this to say: lovely blog!