Pressure cooker polenta

Polenta, polenta, polenta. It used to be that I didn´t see the point of polenta, not at all. All that effort for something so bland, why?

But somehow reading about polenta always made me hungry, and I always have a bag of cornmeal to make the underside of my bread crunchy, so it was only a matter of time before I made it. I just didn´t want to stir for hours, so I turned to my gadgetry.

The Thermomix makes a good polenta, no question. Just use the proportion of any recipe you like, put the butterfly thingy in and set it for 45 minutes. But be warned that cleaning it out is a right bore.

The rice cooker is also great, and easy to clean. Put 1 meassure of cornmeal and 4 of water and you´re good to go.

The pressure cooker is, naturally, the fastest.

All three methods make falling off a log look very complicated, so take your pick. For me, because I´m still in the honeymoon phase and because I´m apt to improvise dinner, the best is the pressure cooker, but all three work perfectly.

Once the polenta is done you can bask in the warm glow of one of the most comfortable comfort foods there are, but before sitting down to eat, remember to pour out what´s left in the pot into a shallow tin or tray so that it can cool and set, and have that the following day in it´s crisp incarnation. It freezes perfectly, and is great food to have on hand for feeding a toddler.

Pressure cooker polenta

(serves 4, with leftovers)

Bring 2 litres of salted water to a boil in the open pressure cooker. Sprinkle 400 gr. of the cornmeal and stir well. Cover, bring up to pressure and cook for 15 minutes. Bring the pressure down quickly, and have a look. It´s a slightly grainy porridge, soft and wonderful, but if you like to have it creamier still add some water and leave it a while longer in the open cooker, stirring well.

Spoon in some butter and black pepper and serve it as a pillow to tomato sauce, or garlicky greens, or a poached egg, or what you will.

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cleawalford dijo...

Thanks for a great site & I love your drawings! All best, Clea Walford

Chats the Comfy Cook dijo...

I have never had polenta and every time, I see a recipe for it, I want to make. Since hubby eats gluten free, it is a great option. Yet, I have never done it.

Right now, I want to make it so maybe......

Anónimo dijo...

I, like you, always thought of polenta as drab and tasteless gruel and I am Italian!
I have learned its all about what you stir in, once its cooked. Try soft blue cheeses, brie or even parmesan. The cheese adds salt and savory to the grit. Caramelized onions or scallions add great flavor to polenta and if using for a sweet, mix in mascarpone, creme fraiche or even maple syrup. A whole new polenta!

le critique dijo...

Great blog! Loved reading!

Best, Bruce Mackh

Sophea Lazane dijo...

What is actually polenta? I never heard of it and this is the first time I encounter about it. From my reading here, it is a nice food and perhaps I should try it sometime.

Shyla dijo...

Briliant! I love polenta, this sounds like an awesome recipe, thanks for sharing.

Jen dijo...

absolutely love polenta with garlicky greens....yum!

Mister Meatball dijo...

You might enjoy this polenta recipe. It's unusual, to be sure, but wonderful!


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I like the article posted here

Los Angeles party bus dijo...

I like the art

Sue dijo...

I love making bread and use the crunchy cornmeal base trick myself. I just made the comment to my husband last night that I haven’t been able to make polenta work for me – it’s too bland, but we love cornbread.
I have enjoyed your illustrations in ‘A Taste of Cuba’ for years and have only found your site today. Your illustrations are fun and inspiring and I wish I’d searched the internet earlier.

Unknown dijo...

How clever! I'm so trying this!

Unknown dijo...

How clever! I'm soooo trying this!

Unknown dijo...

OK,now that it will be starting to get cool again... you should keep making polenta! I just published an article that will show you five different ways to serve it. Since you already know how to make it (the method I use takes a little less time), scroll to the bottom for topping suggestions:


buon appetito!

Los Angeles limo dijo...

Your illustrations are fun. I wish I’d searched the internet earlier