Ice cream

Sometimes only ice cream will do. You can either rush out and buy a tub of whatever´s your poison, or you can stock it for emergencies, but that way you usually eat the whole thing and then feel slightly sick and mildly guilty.

I prefer a bit of DIY, a spot of therapeutic chopping, a minute or two of mindsettling pottering about, so here´s how. Take two scoops of plain vanilla ice cream and let them soften a little in a pretty bowl. Meanwhile chop some very good 70% chocolate into very small pieces, and a couple of biscuits (plain Digestives, or whatever´s around) into chunkier ones. Put these in the bowl, mix them around, and there you have it, a perfect indulgence, just the right size, creamy and crunchy and exactly what you need.

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Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks dijo...

Ice cream is the go to dessert in our house when it's above 60 degrees outside. My husband lets his ice cream melt a bit and likes to crunch cookies into his. I prefer to drizzle with chocolate or dulce de leche.

Anónimo dijo...

We always keep ice cream in the house, chocolate, que rico :)

Amrita dijo...

mildly guilty?! I feel awfully guilty...but then I know I'll be performing the same routine once one of those emergencies come around!

Anónimo dijo...


great page, also see this one I found, for your daugheters, sorry its in spanish, but if you have google chrome, ir translate it to you, my daughters love it

love the lobstersquad!