We had a strawberry discussion this weekend, and all agreed that the best we´ve had came from Aranjuez, and were grown in the open air. The great whopping plastic-raised fresón from Huelva is no love of ours. But. Apart from nísperos, it´s all there is, so we eat it very happily in all its possibilities:

with sugar and yogurt
with chunks of pineapple
with whipped cream and meringues
crushed with whipped cream and sandwiched between two sponge cakes
with pancakes and caramelized apples

doubtless we´ll think up a few more before cherries begin to claim all the love.

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Pille dijo...

Hey, what about brown sugar and balsamic vinegar - like you served us last spring??

I've bought Spanish strawberries couple of times and they've actually tasted like strawberries (quite a difference from last year). Surprisingly, they don't specify the type of strawberry.

But I'm keenly looking forward to the local strawberries in June. Mmm. (And wild ones, of course)

Raquel dijo...

¿Sabías que además son de lo mejorcito para el cerebro? Qué majas.

Laurie Hawel dijo...

Don't forget strawberry and spinach salad! Sooooo goooood! With just a little olive oil and balsamic, yum.

Laurie dijo...

Don't forget strawberry and spinach salad! soooo good.

bodelou dijo...

how about greek yogurt, honey and granola with the strawberries on top. sabrosa.

Vida dijo...

Try sliced strawberries steeped in red wine, sugar and lemon. Leave for a few hours in the fridge. The wine becomes a delicious fruity concoction...