It works! It really does. Yesterday´s pancake batter looked a bit dodgy in its plastic container, a bit more alive than yesterday, but the minute it hit the pan it made fluffy, perfect pancakes just the same.
I had two plates of pancakes with caramelized pear and a pot of tea ready in less time than it took J to change Pía and install her in a highchair. Mind you, he´s not fast, and has some issues with the straps in the highchair, but still, this was a lightning fast operation, and possibly the only way to make Mr.No-Breakfast go out into the world with a full stomach in the morming. Now I know.

5 comentarios:

HaveFaith dijo...

Oh yum! Caramelized pears. What a wonderful addition to pancakes. I really have to try it.

San dijo...

Sorry for this late comment, X! You had an exhibition! Wow, wow, and you so truly deserve this. I am so happy and excited for you! San

Sara dijo...

Hi! Found you because my Google reader recommended you based on my other reading interests. Girl, you are talented! I can't wait to try some of your recipes, and your illustrations are full of such wit and personality. Fun!

lobstersquad dijo...

HaveFaith: apples work great too
San: thank you very much, it really was amazing
Sara: well I´m very glad you arrived by such a route, thanks!

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