Tomorrow is the opening of my show, and I am in that marvelous state where I am either staring blankly at the wall or snapping at whoever has the misfortune to speak to me. I can´t eat, or I am ravenous. I feel there are a million things I must do, but can´t think of any. Very much like pre-wedding nerves, except on that day I knew what I was going to wear, and had only to make sure I fit into it.
Since I have no idea what I will be looking like tomorrow, I have instead cooked myself a beautiful, decadent breakfast: pancakes with sauteed pears.
I´d never made pancakes for one, because one egg makes too much batter, and if I make the whole batch intending to freeze some it´s more than likely that I will eat all the pancakes anyway. But Marion Cunningham says you can keep batter in the fridge, and if that is true, well then, we´re home free.
I made three panckaes from this batter and sauteed a pear in butter and brown sugar in another pan, and it all took fifteen minutes, including one phone call to J to apologize for having snapped before, and another to my mother to schedule Pía´s morning.
Why don´t we make pancakes every morning?

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Su-Lin dijo...

Oh wow - congrats on your show! I wish I were in Madrid to see it.

Raquel dijo...

Aún más bonito con colores. Va a ser un éxito (mi bola de cristal, recuerda).

Anónimo dijo...

Mmm! Pancakes! I've kept batter in the refrigerator but I've found that the pancakes are never as fluffy as when they are first made. So, if i only need a few, I usually cook them all off and freeze the leftovers to be reheated in the microwave later.

Here's a link to my favourite recipe if you're interested: http://danamccauley.wordpress.com/2008/02/05/mmmpancakes

Good luck with your show! I'm sure it will be fantastic.

Also, given the subject of your image, you might like to know that it's the 100th Anniversary of Heinz here in Canada:


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Wishing you much success and enjoyment from your exhibit. I know people will love this work!

Pille dijo...

How exciting!!! Where's the exhibition??
We make pancakes every Saturday or Sunday morning. Actually it's K that makes them - I stay in bed late and descend downstairs when it's smelling all heavenly :)

Helena dijo...

Mucha suerte para mañana!

Por favor, cuéntanos cómo te ha ido a l@s que estamos lejos de Madrid y no nos podemos pasar. Seguro que será todo un éxito!!!!

Muchos besos!


lobstersquad dijo...

su_lin: so do I. Next time I´ll try the Asian markets!
Guru: ayayayay. bola bolita, y muchas velas
Futomaki: sabreis todo sin falta, gracias

Ana dijo...

I've been told the show was a big success... congratulations!

Rebecca dijo...

Pear pancakes--I'm requesting these for my b-day! Congrats on your show! Post photos for those of us who can't see it in person!

S dijo...

Dear Ximena

Congratulations! How did it go??? Would love the chance to see your works.

Unknown dijo...

How was your show? Will you have another soon, I am sorry I missed it. I love your drawings...