And, no, since you ask, the livin´ ain´t particulary easy. Or summery. It´s been rainy and cold, and there´s been a lot of work to do. Cherrires have appeared in the market, and it seemed odd to spit the stones while looking out at the grey sky. But nice.
I´m in the throes of a love affair with sardinillas, the little sardines that come in tins, eight dainty darlings nestling in a bath of olive oil until the minute they´re called on to lie on top of toast and tomato.
There has been a lot of drooling since I was given a copy of Martha´s cookie book.
And a certain measure of microwaved popcorn, of the sort that´s made in a normal paper bag, with just corn, olive oil, salt and pepper, zapped on high for two minutes.
I hope the work will slow down, or my energy perk up, but let me tell you, once summer starts for good, and it will, then I´m bound to crawl into the shade and stay there.

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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Ximena, once the weather gets hot, I'll be crawling into the shade with you!

ChichaJo dijo...

Hang in there! Summer will soon come to you...I have already kicked it out from here :)

Anónimo dijo...

Hang on there, dear Ximena!! And apparently it's ca 25 degrees in Estonia, so if you want to enjoy some sun, head over (but wait until i get back from New York first:)

Heather dijo...

Hello X,
Enjoy it, because winter will be here in all it's misery soon enough!!!
Hope you are well. I still dream fondly of my time in Spain (Oh, Madrid, oh Barcelona, me haces falta!!!). Tell me what you did with the Old Bay!!

Anónimo dijo...

It's already SO hot and humid over here in Texas... I'd live in the water if I could

Anónimo dijo...

I feel your pain.... here in Geneva we have had our 1st sunny day in 2-3 weeks. It feels more like October than June!!
So grey sky stone spitting has also been a problem, with cherries now appearing at the local farmers market.
I am going home soon to make bread, which always cheers me up.

Unknown dijo...

I've become a great fan of those mini bags of microwave popcorn, since I'm the kind of person that can easily eat an entire bag of something without thinking about it.
But I'm not a great fan of the heat. I wish I had the money to live wherever I wanted. I would retreat to Alaska in the summer.

John dijo...

Just found you blog; I love sardines both from the tin and on the grill.