Lobstersquad was on Blogs of Note!!!
Very incredible. To celebrate, I´ll tell you about the dessert we had at Oriza last week.
Egaña Oriza is a wonderful restaurant in Sevilla, some say the best in town. The chef is a very good friend of my parents, too, so it´s a special favourite of ours.
Over the years the menu has changed, and my favourite pudding had dissappeared, but we pleaded nicely and it made a comeback, just for us.
The silly thing is that it´s so easy to make, I don´t know why I haven´t had it in millions of years.
All you have to do is fill a big goblet half and half with fresh orange juice and cava (sparkling white wine), and plop a ball of good vanilla ice cream. Bring it to the table with a couple of straws.
It´s really really good, a mix of tangy and sweet and mellow and sharp and bubbly, and a not too heavy ending to what is usually a heavy meal.
Thank you for all your very sweet comments.

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marksmith dijo...

Just discovered your blog on Blogs of Note - congratulations on a great blog!!

I have to say, though, that that dessert sounds UTTERLY rancid. Ice cream and orange juice are two things I would just never put together (other than in a weird pregnancy craving scenario), but maybe I'm just not imagining it right.

Anónimo dijo...

I disagree with marksmith! Orange juice and ice cream (or similar dairy) immediately brings to mind Orange Julius, and that is certainly more popular than rancid to most people.

I sometimes make a smoothie with yogurt (another dairy), a spoon or two of frozen orange juice concentrate, whatever fruit, a drizzle of honey, and some toasted wheat germ (I like its crunchy texture). The tanginess of the juice goes well with the creaminess of the yogurt. It would probably work just as well with ice cream, if not better.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Congratulations on being a Blog of Note -- what a wonderful honor, and well-deserved.

Anónimo dijo...
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Lydia dijo...

Found you from Blogs of Note listing and wanted to say congratulations! What a cheerful and beautiful blog you have. I will visit again. (I see that you have a different Lydia ahead of me with praise!)

Mandy dijo...

Also found you through Blogs of Note. Your blog is delightful!

Anónimo dijo...

Nice blog. I love your drawings too. The orange with ice cream might be easier for some people to digest. Straight orange juice is a bit acidic for me. I'll have to try it.
Also, the above comment (#4 I think) is a good example of why moderation on comments is a good idea.

lobstersquad dijo...

Marksmith: thanks for visiting, and as for the mix, well, horses for courses! I would never mix a fruit sorbet with chocolate ice cream, and yet I love this.
Irene: that smoothie sounds great, I´ll have to try the wheat germ, thanks.
Lydia: thanks, it´s really exciting!
Lydia: great, I hope to see you around
MommyCracked: likewise, thank you very much
Claudia: thank you, and yes, I´m switching to moderation of comments. I usually don´t have much traffic, so this doesn´t happen a lot, but I hope it won´t happen again.

Pille dijo...

Congrats, dear Ximena!!! And I love the sound of that dessert -plus I have faith in your tastebuds, so will be trying this for sure!

Alexi Frest dijo...


And it seems to be very tasteful, just like the blog itself.

William Wren dijo...

congratulations on the eating good excellent

bembel dijo...

perfekt, what a wonderful honor

Michael Flaherty dijo...

I like the blog. Congrats!

shallnot dijo...

An interesting post as always.

I think there might be something missing in the "recipe".

The text above says "...fill a big goblet half and half with fresh orange juice, and plop a ball of good vanilla ice cream...". Later the mixture is described as "bubbly".

Now, the only times I ever had bubbly orange juice was when I left some in the refrigerator for far too long.

Is there indeed something missing to provide the bubbles?

Finance Tipper dijo...

Wow, this is a cool blog, congrats on being blog notes. Your blog makes me want to go to an Italian restaurant for some exquisite dish.

Congrats again

annechung dijo...

Thank you, blogs of note, this is the first time I ever read blogs of note, I'm glad I did, love your work, it's fun and inspirational,

Sheltie Girl dijo...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you.

Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

UjinYee dijo...

My congratulations being the Blog of Note.
I'm a food lover myself, and definitely a bread fanatic.

Loved reading your blog. Keep it up!

Irene Rexlee dijo...

Just saw your blog on Blogs of Note - Congratulations, nice blog you have..^_^..

Irene Rexlee dijo...

Just saw your blog recommended by Blogs of Note - Congratulations!!! Really nice & petty blog you have..^_^..

Anónimo dijo...

Amazing blog and great illos to top. Congrats!

lobstersquad dijo...

Pille: thank you!
Mina Jade: it´s pretty nice, you´ll see.
William: cheers
Bembel: I know, I feel very grateful
Michael F: thanks
Steven: thanks, good catch, I totally forgot one main ingredient. I wrote it into the illustration and then forgot in the text, really bad. I´ve changed it now
Finance tipper: well, go right ahead and enjoy!
Annechung: glad you like it, thanks for the visit.
Sheltie girl: very happy too, thanks
Ujinyee: I hope I will, and that I´ll see you around again
Albina: well, I can´t do a good photo to save my life, so...

CBD dijo...

congratulations! I saw your blog listed as Blogs of note. love your illustrations. I will certainly visit again.

NKS dijo...

congratulations on being a blog of notes. am in designing and it feel great when someone of same profession get such recognition. feel free to visit my blogs too.


Great Blog, cheers.

The Early Bird dijo...

It's first time visit to your blog.
Thank you for your nice illustrations.

neil dijo...

Woo hoo, always great when someone I know gets some well deserved recognition, good on you!

Lisa Johnson dijo...

Congratulations! I'm surprised you weren't there ages ago. I'm a first time commenter, but long time admirer. I love your illustrations and the recipes too. ; )